Steam Autoclave Components, Maintenance, and Anticipated Replacement Cycles: 3 Common Maintenance Questions

Maintaining steam autoclaves in proper working order improves productivity, reduces downtime, extends the life of the autoclave, and helps to ensure overall safety in the workplace. So to help you maintain your autoclave, we wrote about the importance of autoclave maintenance and shared some basic tips to maintain your equipment in a prior post.

In this post, we take the conversation a little deeper, answering common maintenance questions and identifying the critical components on an autoclave that should be inspected periodically by a trained service provider. This is not an exhaustive list of all the autoclave components that should be inspected but merely the major ones.  Read more →

Steam Autoclave Costs

Understanding Steam Autoclave Ownership Costs: Acquisition Cost vs. Operating Cost

From small laboratory autoclaves to advanced biocontainment (BSL-3) models—purchasing a steam autoclave is a significant investment. Beyond budgeting for upfront purchasing costs, it’s critical to understand the overall lifetime cost of owning a steam autoclave as well.

To effectively evaluate your purchasing decision, you must not only consider the initial price tag (acquisition cost, or first cost), but also the cost of maintaining the steam autoclave over two decades (operating cost, or second cost). These two numbers will help you understand the true cost of owning and maintaining your unit over its entire lifespan.

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