Chamber Cleaning Instructions

Autoclave Basics: Chamber Cleaning Instructions [w/ Video]

Written by: Arthur Trapotsis

The idea of cleaning your autoclave’s chamber on a regular basis might seem counterintuitive — after all, autoclaves are designed to sterilize lab equipment. Wouldn’t it naturally follow that the chamber is also sterilized each time you run a cycle? The reality is that, without routine cleaning, the moisture, high temperatures, and pressure that make […]

53 Items Every Autoclave Maintenance Plan Should Include

53 Items Every Autoclave Maintenance Plan Should Include [+ Free Log Sheet!]

Written by: Mike Peters

Here at Consolidated Sterilizer Systems, we’re of the mind that the importance of routine preventative autoclave maintenance really can’t be understated. After all, preventative maintenance reduces system downtime, improves processing performance, eliminates the need for costly repairs, and ensures workplace safety — and that’s only the start of it. Bearing that in mind, we’ve put […]

Laboratory Autoclaves That Are Built to Last

Written by: Scott Mechler

When choosing an autoclave to purchase, it’s important to select one that is designed for durability and built to last. Here at Consolidated Sterilizer Systems (CSS), we’ve manufactured over 14,000 state-of-the-art laboratory autoclaves since 1946 — some of the oldest of which are still in operation today. Take, for example, the autoclave pictured below. This […]

autoclave log sheet

10 Items That Should Be on Every Autoclave Log Sheet [w/ Free Template!]

Written by: Arthur Trapotsis

There’s a well-known saying in the business world that “You can’t manage what you don’t measure”; this concept is true for sterilization cycles, as well. In order to ensure that each cycle meets the appropriate sterilization standards, multiple agencies, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Organization for Safety and Asepsis Prevention […]


How Much Does Your Sterilizer Really Cost Your Facility?

Written by: Scott Mechler

When purchasing a piece of capital equipment, such as an autoclave, it’s important to assess the total cost of ownership (TCO) because there can be many costs hidden in the ongoing service and maintenance of the machine. This article will help buyers, users, and owners determine the direct and indirect costs of procuring and operating […]

Maintaining Your Autoclave with SterilCARE™

Maintaining Your Autoclave with SterilCARE™

Written by: Jason Thompson

Is a low-cost, safe and reliable steam sterilizer important to your facility? Consolidated is excited to announce the launch of the SterilCARE™ preventative autoclave maintenance program, which is designed to keep your total cost of ownership low and ensure your autoclave is running reliably and safely. Historically, preventative maintenance of laboratory autoclaves has been scheduled […]

Sterilizer Staining

What to Do About Stained Packs After Autoclaving: Common Causes and Affordable Solutions

Written by: Scott Mechler

In the summer of 2016, Windsor Regional Hospital (WRH) in Windsor, Ontario, was forced to cancel hundreds of surgeries at its Ouellette campus due to a “mysterious sterilization scare.” The strange scare, as reported in numerous media outlets, involved the staining of wrapping materials used to protect sterilized instrument trays during and after autoclaving. Because of […]


How to Validate an Autoclave: Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT)

Written by: Scott Mechler

A steam sterilizer, whether used for pharmaceutical or laboratory sterilizing applications, is designed to use steam under pressure as the sterilizing agent. When constructed, installed and operated correctly, a steam sterilizer should function properly and sterilize your load. But, how does a sterilizer manufacturer ensure the unit they’ve built is assembled properly and is in […]