Consolidated Smart Options

Consolidated offers a number of state-of-the-art smart options to customize or upgrade your sterilizer for your specific application and requirements. These options can be incorporated into any new or existing Consolidated sterilizer.

Steam Generators
When house steam is unavailable or inadequate, the Consolidated ProGEN™ electric steam generator serves as the steam source.
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Water Saving Systems
Consolidated’s forward-looking designs include many proprietary systems and processes, such as the WaterEco® systems, to provide environmentally-friendly and cost-efficient products around the world.
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Water Purification Systems
Consolidated can provide either Reverse Osmosis or Deionized Water systems for use with your autoclave or for general laboratory use. These systems are designed to seamlessly integrate with all sterilizers and other equipment that requires purified water.
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SteriNET® Connex™ Remote Connectivity
Remote Monitoring, Troubleshooting, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition.
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SterilCARE™ Preventative Maintenance Service Program
Preventative maintenance plan for Consolidated autoclaves.
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Steril-Q™ Validation and Documentation Services
Steril-Q™ includes an array of documentation, tools and expertise required to successfully qualify and validate a new or existing autoclave within accepted IQ/OQ/PQ protocols.
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Rack with Removable Shelving
Allows shelving to be removed part way or “oven-style” in lieu of stationary shelving.
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Loading Cart & Transfer Carriage
Assists loading and unloading product to and from sterilizer.
Liquid Ring Pump
Helps conserve water and reduces cycle time on Prevac sterilizers.
Load Control Probe
Probe placed within load for the duration of a cycle, validating sterilization.
Economy Post Vac
Accelerates end-of-cycling drying time on Gravity sterilizers.
Steam/Inlet Filter
Cleans dirty steam.
Autoclave Chamber Cleaner
Clean the inside of the sterilization chamber with Consolidated's C3 Chamber Cleaner.
Data Storage Device
Cycle data is stored on a non-volatile flash memory device to create graphs and perform data analysis.
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