What to Know About Sterilizer Manufacturers When Designing a Laboratory

Amit Gupta
Written by: Amit Gupta

MS Mechanical Engineering, Vice President of Engineering

Designing a laboratory requires an incredible amount of forethought, knowledge, and planning. Not only must architects properly lay out the floor plan for the equipment, but they must also ensure the specifications for the equipment are accurate. The more complex the equipment (e.g. an autoclave) the more challenging these design efforts can be.

From the various sizes to the myriad options, steam autoclaves can be challenging/intimidating to work with and specify. If you’re an architect attempting to design an autoclave in a laboratory, it’s important work with a sterilizer manufacturer that can seamlessly support your eco-friendly and cost-effective designs via sustainable, customizable and innovative solutions. A good sterilizer manufacturer should provide you with the resources you need (i.e. REVIT files, water savings solutions, etc.) to properly integrate any sized autoclave(s) into your lab plans.

Before you partner with a sterilizer manufacturer, be sure they are prepared to work collaboratively and productively with you. The following is a list of five key traits a sterilizer manufacturer must have to help you, the architect, be successful:

  1. Relevant Experience — Have you done your homework? Does the sterilizer manufacturer have thousands of installations and solid references? A client list can also prove valuable, as it will help you ascertain the type of clients they are used to working with.
  1. Accessibility —A sterilizer manufacturer should be as accessible as possible during the lab planning phase in case any questions arise. The manufacturer should provide an abundance of online resources like REVIT files, instructional videos, eBooks, and educational blogs to help ensure a smooth installation process.
  1. Customizable Solutions — Can your sterilizer manufacturer accommodate custom configuration? Are they willing and able to adapt to your changing design and layout needs? Your manufacturer should be versatile and able to address any changes you have on the fly.
  1. Service Assistance — From introductory phone calls to the days and weeks after the sterilizer has been installed, the customer service your sterilizer manufacturer provides you is paramount.
  1. Environmentally Efficient Engineering — Does the sterilizer manufacturer offer green or energy efficient solutions? Ill-equipped sterilizers have been known to be the biggest water user on entire college campuses, even surpassing bathroom and shower use. The ability to reduce sterilizer water consumption dramatically affects environmental impact and operational costs.

At Consolidated Sterilizer Systems, we enjoy working architects and lab-planners to provide advice on the complex world of sterilization equipment.  We pride ourselves on designing and manufacturing the most reliable and easy-to-use steam autoclaves in the world. Contact us to help with your sterilizer specification planning or layout questions.

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