Consolidated’s Expert Steam Sterilizer Service and Maintenance Department

At CSS, our professional service staff is dedicated to installing and supporting laboratory equipment worldwide.

Our field engineers and technicians have extensive industry experience and participate in periodic factory training to ensure their skills remain current. We understand that steam sterilizer uptime is critical for our customers to efficiently operate their labs. As such, we strive to provide our clients with a service department that is accessible, educated, and driven by the highest standards of excellence. When you buy a CSS steam sterilizer, you are guaranteed the highest level and most product-knowledgeable service assistance. For service assistance with installation, troubleshooting, repair, and applications assistance, please contact us.


If you would like to send equipment to Consolidated for evaluation and/or repair, fill out our OEM Repair Request Form, or contact our service department for more information.

Steam Sterilizer Preventative Maintenance

SterilCARE™ Proactive Maintenance Service

The SterilCARE™ Proactive Maintenance Program (PMP) is designed to help keep your laboratory’s steam sterilizer running at top performance for many years. Choose from four SterilCARE™ plans, or contact us to arrange for a custom configured maintenance program.

Choose the SterilCARE™ plan that best suits your facility:

SterilCARE™ Plan Components

Typical Daily Usage SterilCARE™ Plan Name Scheduled Inspection On-Site Service
1 to 2 cycles Basic 1 per year
3 to 4 cycles Deluxe 2 per year 1 per year
5 to 6 cycles Premium 3 per year 2 per year
> 6 cycles Elite 4 per year Unlimited Included
Custom Contact Consolidated to develop a custom configured SterilCARE™ plan for your facility.


SterilCARE™ Proactive Maintenance Parts Kits

SterilCARE™ PartsPAX™ Maintenance Kits

As part of the SterilCARE™ Proactive Maintenance Program (PMP), Consolidated offers the convenience of PartsPAX™ Maintenance Kits for your autoclave. PartsPAX™ packages reduce costs and include some of the most commonly needed items to keep your autoclave running smoothly and reliably. Consolidated offers two different levels to fit your needs, Basic and Deluxe. An Options PartsPAX™ Kit includes an assortment of additional replacement items required on occasion.

For Steam Sterilizers PMP PartsPAX™
Consolidated Order Number 14-001 14-002
Basic Deluxe
Steam Valve Repair Kit (Chamber) Yes Yes
Door Gasket Yes Yes
Internal Door Lock Kit (Diaphragm, Spring, Gasket) Yes Yes
Safety Valve (Jacket) Yes Yes
Safety Valve (Chamber)* Yes Yes
Steam Valve Repair Kit (Jacket)* Yes Yes
Steam Trap Kit (Chamber) Yes
Steam Trap Kit (Jacket)* Yes
Fast Exhaust Valve Repair Kit Yes
Slow Exhaust Valve Repair Kit Yes
Jacket Exhaust Valve Repair Kit* Yes
Water Valve Repair Kit* Yes
For Steam Generators
Consolidated Order Number 14-004 14-005
Basic Deluxe
Generator Gasket Yes Yes
Water Fill Valve Repair Kit Yes Yes
Contactor Yes Yes
Water Level Control Gasket* Yes Yes
Safety Valve Yes Yes
Sight Glass with 2 Gaskets Yes Yes
Sight Glass Valves (Set of 2) Yes Yes
Generator Blowdown Valve Repair Kit* Yes Yes
Water Level Controller Yes
Wires and Buss Bars Yes
Heating Element Set with Mounting Flange and Gasket Yes
Over-temperature Controller (Chromalox)* Yes
Over-temperature Probe (Chromalox)* Yes


Options PartsPAX™

The Options PartsPAX™ Kit includes an assortment of additional replacement items typically required over the life of the sterilizer.

For Steam Sterilizers PMP PartsPAX™
Consolidated Order Number 14-003
Air Filter Included
Check Valves (3) Included
Chamber Drain Strainer Included
High Temperature Door Grease (2 Tubes) Included
Vacuum Release Valve Repair Kit* Included

* Supplied when applicable to unit


Ordering Information

To order, call your area Consolidated Parts Distributor or contact Consolidated. Please provide your sterilizer serial number when ordering. This program does not permit substitutions or deletions.