Choosing the Right Sterilizer and Options

Choosing the correct autoclave can be a daunting task. Here we will guide you through the key components in choosing your next sterilizer. Consolidated offers a wide selection of options to suit your needs. Our strength is in customizing your investment.

Before you choose your sterilizer, you will want to evaluate how it will be used.

What to Consider Before a Sterilizer Purchase

Step 1

Choose the correct Chamber Size and Shape. This decision is made easier once you determine the size of your load (number and size of flasks, containers, packs, etc.).

Step 2

What quality of water will feed your sterilizers? This will help determine the Materials of Construction for your autoclave.

Step 3

Determine the availability of steam in your facility. There are several Steam Source options for your autoclave, and to determine which is best for you check out our handy Steam Source Selection flow chart

Step 4

What is the type of load (liquids, packs, glassware, BSL-3 waste, etc.) that you plan to run? Load type will help determine the:

Step 5

Determine your documentation requirements (paper printout, Ethernet download, etc.) This will also help dictate which Control System is best suited for your needs.

Step 6

Customize your investment by reviewing all Smart Options available for your autoclave.

Once you have evaluated these key considerations, you may submit a quotation request form.