Maintaining Your Autoclave with SterilCARE™

Maintaining Your Autoclave with SterilCARE™

Jason Thompson
Written by: Jason Thompson

Is a low-cost, safe and reliable steam sterilizer important to your facility? Consolidated is excited to announce the launch of the SterilCARE™ preventative autoclave maintenance program, which is designed to keep your total cost of ownership low and ensure your autoclave is running reliably and safely.

Historically, preventative maintenance of laboratory autoclaves has been scheduled arbitrarily (quarterly, semi-annually, etc.) and without purpose (no focus on safety components). This results in added costs, unnecessary downtime and concerns for safety. The SterilCARE™ program was designed to address these issues by moving toward preventative maintenance inspections that are based on usage and safety.

SterilCARE™ plans are comprised of both a preventative maintenance service plan and/or parts kit — aka PartsPAX™ — to help maintain a low total cost of ownership and ensure your autoclave is running reliably and safely.

SterilCARE™ – Autoclave Service Plans

Choose from two simple SterilCARE™ preventative maintenance service plans (Safety Plus and Proactive).  These service plans are executed by locally authorized, factory-trained service teams.

  • The Safety Plus Service Plan is designed for facilities on a limited budget that would like to ensure a safe operating sterilizer each year. The Safety Plus Service Plan includes a complete replacement of all safety components and a comprehensive system inspection.
  • The Proactive Service Plan ensures minimal autoclave downtime for your facility through planned, comprehensive service inspections that are intelligently based on cycle usage. The Proactive Service Plan typically involves replacement of both operational and safety components, but can be customized to meet your facility-specific requirements and needs.

SterilCARE™ PartsPAX™ – Autoclave Spare Parts Packages

In order to simplify the process for ordering replacement parts for your autoclave, Consolidated designed three convenient and comprehensive PartsPAX™ packages for steam sterilizers and/or integral steam boilers:

  • Safety PAX includes the recommended replacement components to ensure a safe operating sterilizer.
  • Performance PAX includes the recommended replacement components to be replaced once every 300 cycles.
  • Complete PAX includes all Performance PAX and Safety PAX components plus a few additional recommended replacement parts. Consolidated recommends the Complete PAX if preventative maintenance hasn’t been performed in over a year and/or if the autoclave sees heavy use.

All Consolidated autoclaves are purposefully equipped with low-cost, high-quality, non-propriety parts in order to help reduce your ongoing maintenance costs. Keep in mind that each of these PartsPAX™ packages include these certified components and will keep your sterilizer working reliably and safely overtime.

You can learn more about our SterilCARE™ programs here.

If you have any questions or if you’d like to order any of the SterilCARE™ programs, please contact your local authorized service provider or the Consolidated parts team at [email protected].

For additional information on sterilizer preventative maintenance, download our free eBook, How to Properly Maintain Your Autoclave.

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