Autoclaves for Universities & Academia

CSS' Clients in Education & Academia:

Autoclaves are an essential piece of equipment in any school, college or university laboratory, enabling high school students, undergraduate students, graduate students and academic researchers to conduct scientific studies and advance their knowledge of complex subjects. From glassware to media solutions to waste loads, Consolidated Sterilizer Systems’ research-grade autoclaves are designed to sterilize a wide variety of essential materials in academic research facilities.

Autoclaves for Education
Given that school and university research facilities are often populated by undergraduate and graduate students, it’s imperative that academic autoclaves be easy to use and safe to operate. Thanks to our innovative X1 Control System, all of Consolidated’s sterilizers are safe and intuitive; we also offer a library of free instructional videos and training resources to support less-experienced autoclave operators.

Our research-grade autoclaves are also:

  • Affordable, with low total lifetime operating and maintenance costs.
  • Suitable for any type of academic research, veterinary science, microbiology, entomology, genomics, pre-med research and more.
  • Highly customizable and able to meet the spatial constraints of any academic research laboratory.
  • Manufactured with high-grade materials, making them durable, reliable and able to stand the test of time
  • Energy-efficient, with built-in sustainability features designed to reduce energy and water consumption
  • Designed to automatically enter sleep mode when not in use thanks to our Auto Idle Shut-off feature, saving energy and money.

Cycle Selection

Academic Autoclave Cycle Selection

All of Consolidated’s sterilizers are equipped to run multiple steam sterilization cycle types, programmable through our state-of-the-art X1 Control System. Schools, universities and their research facilities will find the following cycle types especially useful based on their particular needs:

Gravity Cycle
The most basic sterilization type, a gravity cycle uses gravity to replace air in the chamber with steam via a drain port. Gravity cycles are best suited for glassware, unwrapped goods, waste, utensils and red bags.
Liquids Cycle
A liquid cycle is the same as a gravity cycle, though it uses a slower exhaust rate to minimize boil-over. Liquid cycles are best suited for media, LB broth and water.
Air is mechanically removed from the chamber through a series of vacuum and pressure pulses. This allows the steam to penetrate porous areas of loads that cannot be reached with simple gravity displacement. This cycle also allows for vacuum drawing and is ideal for wrapped goods, red-bag waste, animal cage bedding, cages, porous materials and lumens.


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