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Single Door, Vertical, Sliding Autoclave

Single Door Healthcare Steam Sterilizer

Only CSS Gives you:
Made In the USA
Made In the USA
Lowest Total Cost of Ownership
Lowest Total Cost of Ownership
Proven Quality & Reliability
Proven Quality & Reliability
Intuitive, Easy-to-Use Controls
Intuitive, Easy-to-Use Controls
Water Eco Utility Savings
Water Eco Utility Savings

The Consolidated healthcare steam sterilizer is an FDA-cleared medical device that is available in 3 sizes. Each model comes equipped with the EZ-Glide™ Power Sliding Door – a sleek vertical door designed for ergonomic hands-free foot pedal operation and unmatched serviceability. This medical sterilizer’s control system provides an intuitive and modern interface for sterilization, service, and record keeping. All models offer high performance steam sterilization capacity in a minimal footprint.

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eBook: 17 Questions to Ask Before Buying Your Next Medical Autoclave
Start Your Search for a Medical-Grade Autoclave with Our Free eBook, “17 Questions to Ask Before Buying a Medical Autoclave”!
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Product Details
Consolidated’s medical steam sterilizers are rich with features and options to satisfy a variety of applications and industries. Scroll down for more details.


Chamber Dimensions (W x H x F-B) Volume (Cubic Feet / Liters) Model Downloads
Autoclave Vertical Slider 20x20
20" x 20" x 38"
50.8 x 50.8 x 96.5 cm
8.8 cu. ft
249 liters
Autoclave Vertical Slider 26x26
26" x 26" x 39"
66 x 66 x 99 cm
15.25 cu. ft
430 liters
Autoclave Vertical Slider 26x26
26" x 26" x 49"
66 x 66 x 124.5 cm
19.2 cu. ft
544 liters
17 questions medical autoclave ebook
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Start Your Search for a Medical-Grade Autoclave with Our Free eBook, “17 Questions to Ask Before Buying a Medical Autoclave”!

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X1 Controls
X1 Controls
All of our sterilizers come equipped with this state-of-the-art and easy-to-use control system with password protection and 50 programmable cycles.
Explore the X1 System
Non-Proprietary Parts
Non-Proprietary Parts
Consolidated’s sterilizers consist of high quality, non-proprietary parts that can be easily obtained from local suppliers, authorized service groups, e-store, or directly through Consolidated.
Order Parts
Save water and energy in your medical facility with built-in eco-friendly — and utility-saving — features.
View Sustainability Features
Low Cost of Ownership
Low Cost of Ownership
From affordable service to lower utility costs, Consolidated sterilizers offer the lowest cost of ownership in the industry.
Save Money
EZ-Glide Sliding Door
Simplifies chamber access with a sliding counterbalanced door that seals safely against an air actuated non-stick gasket. Available in both manual and one-touch, automatic power door configurations.
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Interactive Sterilizer
XI™ Controller
See the X1 in Action
X1™ Controller

The X1™ control system include these user-friendly features:

  • Intuitive user interface with modern, easy to view 7″ touchscreen display
  • Ability to add “favorite cycles” shortcuts for quick access
  • Ability for managers to prevent users from modifying sterilization parameters on individual cycles
  • Built from industry-standard, open-source components allowing for easy availability of parts and service

Explore the X1 System

“Consolidated sterilizers are simple and reliable for the end users to use as well as easy to work on from service perspective.  They use nonproprietary parts which keeps the customers total cost of ownership low.  I recommend Consolidated to all my customers when they are considering their next sterilizer purchase.”

– Independent Sterilizer Service Provider
American Red Cross Brigham-and-Womens-Hospital National-Institutes-of-Health Novartis Cornell-University


Sustainable Features

Reducing the utility costs and carbon footprint are important considerations for many facility and sustainability stakeholders. Consolidated understands the role autoclaves can play, and we’ve developed these state-of-the-art configurations to significantly reduce water and energy usage for both new and existing sterilizers.


EcoCalendar (1/6)

All new sterilizers are equipped with a calendar-based automatic start-up and shut-down feature known as EcoCalendar. This feature helps minimize utility consumption and HVAC load through a software controlled, automatic steam shut-off program. Utilities can be programmed for automatic start-up and shut-down based on time of day and day of the week.


EcoJacket (2/6)

EcoJacket is included on all new sterilizers and automatically lowers the temperature of the sterilizer jacket in between cycles, thereby reducing steam and water usage and heat-load to the room.


Auto Idle Shut-Off (3/6)

Like the EcoCalendar, this feature is equipped on all new sterilizers and helps save energy by shutting the steam supply off when not in use. It functions similarly to a “sleep-mode” for your home computer. Simply set the desired idle time and the autoclave will enter Sleep Mode after the set idle time has elapsed. This is an easy way to save energy (both steam and conditioned air) and water and is ideal for sterilizers that are periodically used.


WaterEco (4/6)

The WaterEco system is included on all Consolidated sterilizers. In addition to saving water, it monitors water consumption and cools effluent using a combination of air, previously cooled effluent and a minimal amount of cold water. WaterEco systems compatible with chilled water are available as well.   Learn More.


Hood Control (5/6)

This feature integrates the sterilizer with a local canopy hood to reduce unnecessary venting of conditioned air. Form C Dry Contacts signal your building automation system to power-down the hood when the door of the autoclave is closed. This allows medical facilities to better control the heat-load and environmental conditions within the facility.


Jacket Steam Return (6/6)

Sterilizers utilizing house steam can be configured to allow for a jacket steam return. This helps save energy and steam consumption by returning sterile steam from the jacket back to the “house” facility boiler through a condensate return line.

Auto Idle Shut-Off
Hood Control
Jacket Steam Return

Autoclave Specifications

Steam Source

Steam Source

This sterilizer can accommodate or be supplied with the following steam sources:
Autoclave Steam Sources

House Steam

In most situations, standard house steam is adequate, with the use of an inlet filter to clean the steam.

Electric – Integrated Boiler

Required when house steam is not adequate and can supply up to 4 kW. Consolidated offers multiple options that can go under the sterilizer: A carbon steel boiler, the ProGEN Carbon Steel boiler, and a stainless steel boiler, the ProGEN Stainless Boiler.

Electric – Remote Boiler

This will sit adjacent to the sterilizer and is larger than 45 kW.

Steam-to-Steam Generator

Constructed from stainless steel, this system does not employ heating elements like an electric steam generator. It utilizes existing house steam to heat high purity water.

Electrical Requirements

Standard voltages for electric boilers are 208, 240, 380, 480, 3 phase. Voltages must be determined prior to ordering to configure the heating elements in the generator.

Get help choosing the right steam source for your autoclave.

Air Removal

Air Removal

Depending on the application and required cycle, air removal may be achieved by gravity displacement or mechanical assistance through vacuum systems for pre- and post-cycle use as required. Here are the options below.
Autoclave Air Removal: Gravity vs. Vacuum


All sterilizers are designed for gravity air removal as standard. For gravity air removal, the buoyancy of steam is used to displace the air.


There are two vacuum systems available:

Venturi/ Water Ejector vacuum system is a lower upfront cost option.

Liquid Ring Pump vacuum system is more efficient in removing air, uses less water and has greater controllability.



Consolidated’s steam sterilizer vessels are manufactured with an inner chamber and a full outer jacket. The inner chamber is available in a type 316L stainless steel construction. Jacket construction is available in type 304L stainless steel or type 316L stainless steel.
Materials of Construction for Autoclaves


316L Stainless Steel

All chambers are made standard with 316L stainless steel.


304L Stainless Steel

Available as an upgrade: 316L stainless steel chamber and 304L jacket.

316L Stainless Steel

Available as an upgrade if the water quality is above 1 MΩ/cm 316L and you require a stainless steel chamber and jacket. This option is ideal for tissue culture facilities or facilities feeding distilled or deionized (DI) water to the sterilizer.


Brass, Bronze, & Copper

All plumbing and components are made from high-quality brass, bronze, and copper construction. We build all of our  sterilizers with these materials as standard construction.

316L Stainless Steel

Available as an upgrade: We recommend 316L stainless steel plumbing and components for use with high-purity water and steam (steam generated from RO/DI water).

Total Cost of Ownership

We pride ourselves on providing medical autoclaves with the lowest cost of ownership in the industry.

Affordable Service

We utilized a network of factory-trained service representatives who perform preventative and emergency service at affordable rates and in a timely fashion, maximizing your uptime.

Non-Proprietary Parts

Our sterilizers are designed to use high quality, affordable, non-proprietary parts.

Lower Utility Costs

Our sterilizers will help you save money on water and energy costs through utility-saving (sustainable) features that are built into the sterilizers.

customer support

 Free Technical and Customer Support

We stand behind our autoclaves, which is why we provide free technical and phone support to all customers for the lifetime of their unit. If there’s a technical problem, our service technicians and engineers will get to the bottom of it, at no cost to you.


eBook: 17 Questions to Ask Before Buying Your Next Medical Autoclave
Download this ebook to see the 17 questions you should ask before buying your next medical autoclave.
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