Laboratory Autoclaves That Are Built to Last

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Written by: Scott Mechler

BS Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineer

When choosing an autoclave to purchase, it’s important to select one that is designed for durability and built to last. Here at Consolidated Sterilizer Systems (CSS), we’ve manufactured over 14,000 state-of-the-art laboratory autoclaves since 1946 — some of the oldest of which are still in operation today.

Take, for example, the autoclave pictured below. This steam sterilizer, manufactured and installed in 1973, continues to operate flawlessly, even after nearly 50 years of use.

Consteril Laboratory Autoclaves That Are Built to Last 2


The secret to our success? A manufacturing process focused on quality, top-of-the-line materials and an innovative approach to sterilizer maintenance.

To see another example of Consolidated’s long-lasting quality and reliability in action, take a look at the autoclave below. Installed in 1969 for Texas A&M AgriLife Research — Texas’s premiere agriculture research and technology development agency — this autoclave has some incredible design features.


Consteril Laboratory Autoclaves That Are Built to Last 3


As you can see, this particular vessel includes some time-tested design features, such as a brass domed door and a dual-pivot hinge mechanism. After 50 years of operation, the sterilizer recently underwent routine maintenance to keep it running smoothly, including a door gasket replacement.

To learn more about autoclaves, check out our video here:

Let’s talk about that last item for a moment. All of Consolidated’s autoclaves are built with non-proprietary parts sourced from locations and distributors around the country, making it fast and simple to procure replacement parts, which can help lower the total cost of autoclave ownership. We also offer a choice of three SterilCARE PartsPAX preventative maintenance kits — Safety PAX, Performance PAX and Complete PAX — so our clients can easily stay on top of routine autoclave maintenance.

CSS takes a non-proprietary approach to service, as well. We partner with a network of highly qualified service teams and technicians across the country, so your clients can get reliable, local service from an authorized provider, regardless of where your facility is located. For additional service options, we offer two SterilCARE service plans:

  • Safety Plan: Includes components that ensure your sterilizer runs safely and smoothly
  • Proactive Plan: Planned maintenance that minimizes sterilizer downtime

We also offer a third, customizable service that can be tailored to each facility’s specific requirements.

For the reasons stated above, a Consolidated steam sterilizer is the ideal choice for any facility that requires a long-lasting autoclave. To learn more about what Consolidated Sterilizer Services can do for you, check out our Architect Resources Center or talk to one our solution specialists today.

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