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CSS' Biotech and Pharma clients:

From glassware  and pipettes to biological agents and cell cultures, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies must sterilize equipment and other media in order to eliminate biological contaminants and to ensure the integrity  and reliability of their research and production. Here at Consolidated Sterilizer Systems, we offer a range of laboratory autoclaves designed to meet the unique requirements of the biotech/pharma industries. Our autoclaves are manufactured with high-grade materials, making them durable, reliable and able to stand the test of time. In addition, great care is taken to design and build our equipment with built-in sustainability features that reduce energy and water consumption.

Bioverativ Biopharmaceutical Case Study

Satisfying the Biotech & Pharma Industry’s Sterilization Needs
Given that biotechnology laboratories handle live organisms, including bacteria, enzymes and — in some cases — potentially lethal microbes, it’s imperative that they conduct all research in a safe, regulatory compliant environment.

Cycle Selection

Typical Cycles for the Biotech & Pharma Industries

All of Consolidated’s sterilizers are equipped to run multiple steam sterilization cycle types, programmable through our state-of-the-art X1 Control System. Biotech and Pharma companies will find the following cycle-types especially useful based on their particular needs:

Gravity Cycle
The most basic sterilization type, a gravity cycle uses gravity to replace air in the chamber with steam via a drain port. Gravity cycles are best suited for glassware, unwrapped goods, waste, utensils and red bags.
Liquids Cycle
A liquid cycle is the same as a gravity cycle, though it uses a slower exhaust rate to minimize boil-over. Liquid cycles are best suited for media, LB broth and water.
Other advanced sterilization cycles for biotechnology and pharmaceutical facilities:
  • Air-Over-Pressure
  • FO
  • Rapid Cool
  • Steam-Air-Mix
  • ATF Bioreactor
  • USP 660


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