Laboratory Series Steam Sterilizers

Temperature Range
<span>190°F - 275°F</span> 88°C - 135°C
190°F - 275°F 88°C - 135°C
Suitable For
Food Safety
Food Safety
Life Sciences
Life Sciences
Medical Research
Medical Research
Water Eco Utility Savings
Water Eco Utility Savings

Laboratory autoclaves (also referred to as steam sterilizers) are designed to sterilize at temperatures between 190°F and 275°F (88°C and 135°C) through the use of steam. Our laboratory autoclaves are particularly suitable for animal research, life science, food safety and medical research applications. Choose from a stainless steel or nickel-clad steel vessel construction in a variety of sizes and programmable control options for pre-vacuum or gravity operation.


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Comprehensive Laboratory Autoclave Services

From remote autoclave validation to preventative maintenance programs, we offer a wide variety of services designed to ensure that your laboratory autoclave operates at peak performance levels not just here and now, but for years to come.

Our laboratory autoclave services include:

Custom-Engineered Solutions

From multiple controller mounting options to special plumbing and cycle configurations, we can customize any of our autoclave models to fit the unique configuration of your laboratory space and your sterilization needs. We also offer additional customization options, including specialized loading carts, additional shelving and preprogrammed sterilization cycles, so that your laboratory autoclave is built according to your exact needs.

Custom Enhancements

Delivery & Installation

Every laboratory research autoclave we deliver is accompanied by a detailed installation checklist to help make the process as smooth as possible. We also work with a vast network of authorized service groups to ensure your region is covered and to offer a variety of installation options ranging from sterilizer start-up and user training to turnkey installation.


Installation Information

Autoclave Validation

Our Steril-Q™ validation program includes a complete suite of professional services designed to successfully qualify and validate a new or existing laboratory autoclave within accepted IQ/OQ/PQ protocols. We now offer remote validation services for added convenience.



Validation Options

Service & Maintenance

All of our laboratory autoclaves are made from non-proprietary parts, making it easy to source parts locally or to purchase one of our PartsPAX™ preventative maintenance parts kits. This non-proprietary construction also makes it easy to schedule service with your preferred provider or through our network of authorized service groups. For added peace of mind, we offer a SterilCARE™ specialized preventative maintenance program, with multiple plans to choose from.

Maintenance Programs

Customer Support

Our success comes from our customers’ success — that’s why customer service and support are our top priority. We have qualified personnel available around the clock to answer your questions, and we’re constantly soliciting feedback about our products and services to ensure that we’re continuously improving both our offerings and our company.


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