Consolidated Sterilizer Systems Unveils Cloud-Enabled Autoclaves

Written by: Arthur Trapotsis

July 25, 2016 (Boston, Mass.)—Consolidated Sterilizer Systems is pleased to announce that all of its newly manufactured autoclave models are cloud ready — a cutting edge capability that allows scientists, lab managers, and facilities personnel the ability to monitor and manage their autoclave from any internet-ready device. The new cloud-enabled autoclave technology is achieved through […]

Consolidated Sterilizer Systems Products Now Available on GSA

Written by: Arthur Trapotsis

Strategic Partnership to Bolster Sterilizer Sales to U.S. Government July 1, 2016, Boston, MA — Consolidated Sterilizer Systems (CSS), a leading manufacturing of steam sterilizers in the life sciences market, is excited to announce that its products are now listed with the General Services Administration (GSA). Through a new strategic partnership with Franklin Young International, CSS now has […]

The Birth of the Internet of Labs (IoL)

Written by: Arthur Trapotsis

The Internet of Things (IoT) is all around us. From adjusting thermostats online, to starting a car from an app, to viewing security camera video on a website, internet connected devices have already revolutionized the consumer market. If you’re not familiar with IoT, think of it as a series of interconnected devices that are able […]

Consolidated Sterilizer Systems partners with TetraScience to enable Internet-of-Things in labs

Written by: Jason Thompson

April 4, 2016, Boston, MA – Consolidated Sterilizer Systems, a pioneer in the area of steam sterilization, announced today that it has selected TetraScience, an Internet-of-Things company (IoT), to enable cloud-based technology in the laboratory. Through this partnership, Consolidated will leverage TetraScience’s software and hardware expertise to develop cloud-enabled autoclaves. This collaboration marks one of […]

Made in America

70 Years of American Made Autoclaves

Written by: Arthur Trapotsis

Seventy years ago William A. Barnstead acquired Consolidated Machine Corporation with a focus on producing rolling door autoclaves and water stills for the U.S. Department of Defense. Barnstead, an entrepreneur and rugged individualist, worked diligently to create for his company a strong and lasting reputation as an innovator in the sterilizer and water still industry. […]

Canopy Hood Designs

Canopy Hood Designs: An Important Consideration for Your Lab

Written by: Scott Mechler

You have a lot of choices when it comes to ventilation solutions for your autoclave and some are better than others. Canopy hoods are an optimal solution for handling odors, steam moisture and low-levels of chemical vapors.  The following are guidelines from the National Institute for Health for the design of autoclave door canopy hoods. The […]

Lab Ventilation Systems

Lab Ventilation Systems for Your Autoclave

Written by: Scott Mechler

The need for a proper lab ventilation system when running a sterilization cycle in your laboratory autoclave cannot be understated. Ventilation for autoclaves assures that the various odors, steam moisture and low-levels of chemical vapors that come from the sterilization process do not escape further into the laboratory setting. When not regulated correctly with an […]