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Survey Results Show Need for Cloud-Connected Autoclaves in Laboratories

Arthur Trapotsis
Written by: Arthur Trapotsis

MS Biochemical Engineering, MBA, Consultant

A recent survey of autoclave users (researchers, lab managers, and technicians) shows, unequivocally, that having access to a cloud-connected autoclave can and will boost productivity, as well as improve access to sterilizer data.

In an earlier post — The Birth of the Internet of Labs (IoL) — we skim the surface on the benefits of having a cloud-connected autoclave within a laboratory setting. Through these latest survey results, we are now able to back up these benefits using hard data from the end users themselves.

Here’s what we found:

A Cloud-Connected Autoclave Will Drastically Improve Lab Personnel Productivity

According to the survey results, respondents indicated an overall disconnect between their physical workspace and the location of their sterilization equipment used within their facility.

72% of respondents indicate their laboratory’s autoclave is in a different room from their work station (i.e. down the hall, on a different floor, or in another building).

As a result, a lab worker who is situated away from the sterilizer equipment must rely on a variety of archaic measures (e.g. stop watch, co-worker, load buzzer, etc.) to determine when their autoclave has completed a cycle. In some cases, lab workers must leave their work station multiple times per day to check on their autoclave to ensure it is done running a cycle.

A third of respondents must check on their autoclave 1-2 times before a cycle is complete.

A cloud-connected autoclave eliminates this work place inefficiency because it allows for alerts (e.g. Cycle Over) to be sent to an end-user’s desktop or mobile device. The implications of this are many: less wait time, less down time, more experiments, and better use of time. Cloud-connection can also be helpful from a scheduling perspective, allowing lab workers to schedule equipment-use in advance and plan experiments ahead of time.

Alerts and Data Right at Your Fingertips

While lab workers undoubtedly have access to their computers while working, more than two-thirds of survey participants indicated they also carry their phones on them while working in their laboratory — meaning they are ready, willing and able to accept information regarding their autoclave usage and performance.

81% of respondents indicated it would be useful to check the status of an autoclave from their computer, phone or both.

Survey participants also indicated an overall yearning for “easy access” to data normally found on the autoclave printout.

91% of respondents said they would consider it either “useful” or “very useful” to have electronic access to autoclave data. Cloud-connected autoclaves not only send data to autoclave users via email or text but store this data in a secure cloud database easily accessible by autoclave users.

The survey results mentioned above not only underscore the value of using cloud-connected autoclaves, but also emphasize the growing need for today’s laboratories to embrace the latest and greatest technology (i.e. cloud-ready devices). As an added benefit, cloud-connected autoclaves aid in the implementation of LEAN initiatives within a lab setting by eliminating wasteful processes — such as the aforementioned unnecessary movement from room to room.

All of Consolidated’s autoclave models are now cloud-enabled — a cutting edge capability that allows scientists, lab managers and facilities personnel the ability to monitor and manage their autoclave from any internet-ready device. Contact us today to learn more about this exciting new capability.

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