Consolidated Sterilizer Systems partners with TetraScience to enable Internet-of-Things in labs

Jason Thompson
Written by: Jason Thompson

April 4, 2016, Boston, MA – Consolidated Sterilizer Systems, a pioneer in the area of steam sterilization, announced today that it has selected TetraScience, an Internet-of-Things company (IoT), to enable cloud-based technology in the laboratory. Through this partnership, Consolidated will leverage TetraScience’s software and hardware expertise to develop cloud-enabled autoclaves. This collaboration marks one of the earliest initiatives in deploying IoT and cloud technologies in the laboratory sector.

The Internet-of-Things has emerged as an exciting opportunity to bring cloud-based software and services to the physical world. Such technology empowers users, partners, and manufacturers to embrace revolutionary new capabilities. By leveraging connectivity and cloud-based software, Consolidated and TetraScience will work together to deliver autoclaves with novel functionalities enabled by IoT.

“We are excited to bring IoT into the laboratory and TetraScience is the ideal partner for us. With roots to Harvard and MIT, their team has a strong scientific pedigree providing them with a unique perspective on deploying innovative technologies in the laboratory environment. In addition, they are located just around the corner from our headquarters in Boston, allowing for easy and efficient collaboration,” said Arthur Trapotsis, President/CEO of Consolidated Sterilizer Systems.

Alok Tayi, PhD, CEO and co-founder of TetraScience stated: “We are thrilled to work with Consolidated — they are a visionary company that is keen to innovate at every turn. From energy-efficiency to IoT, TetraScience is excited to work side-by-side with such a well-respected manufacturer of autoclaves.”

About Consolidated Sterilizer Systems

Consolidated Sterilizer Systems ( has manufactured water stills and steam sterilizers (autoclaves) in Boston, MA since 1946. Through years of research and development, their products have satisfied leading universities, hospitals, and biotechnology facilities worldwide.

About TetraScience

TetraScience ( is a Boston -based startup that enables the Internet-of-Things in science. Started by serial entrepreneurs from Harvard & MIT, TetraScience connects scientific instruments to the web such that researchers can remotely monitor, manage, and log data from the cloud.

Media Contact: Jeffrey Mevorah, Consolidated Sterilizer Systems, [email protected], 617-782-6072.

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