Consolidated Sterilizer Systems Unveils Cloud-Enabled Autoclaves

Arthur Trapotsis
Written by: Arthur Trapotsis

MS Biochemical Engineering, MBA, Consultant

July 25, 2016 (Boston, Mass.)—Consolidated Sterilizer Systems is pleased to announce that all of its newly manufactured autoclave models are cloud ready — a cutting edge capability that allows scientists, lab managers, and facilities personnel the ability to monitor and manage their autoclave from any internet-ready device.

The new cloud-enabled autoclave technology is achieved through a unique partnership with TetraScience, an Internet-of-things (IoT) company that specializes in cloud-based technology. By leveraging connectivity and cloud-based software, Consolidated and TetraScience will work together to deliver autoclaves with novel functionalities enabled by IoT.

“The future of laboratory equipment data management is here and we’re excited to be at the forefront of this IoT revolution in the lab. By incorporating TetraScience’s cloud technology into our autoclaves, our clients and their laboratories will experience an improvement in productivity. Once this technology is adopted across multiple types of lab equipment, the implications on the pace of R&D will be profound,” said Arthur Trapotsis, CEO of Consolidated Sterilizer Systems.

Alok Tayi, PhD, CEO of TetraScience, credited Consolidated with leading the charge on all things IoT.

“Companies like Consolidated Sterilizer Systems are thought leaders in how lab-based work will evolve in the digital era,” said Tayi. “We share a belief that the future is bright for IoT in science.”

A recent survey of autoclave end-users helped reinforce the need for autoclave cloud capabilities, said Trapotsis.  The overwhelming majority of respondents reported being situated away from their autoclaves — either down the hall, on another floor or in an entirely different building altogether. As a result, these same respondents said they would like to connect their autoclave to the internet in order to receive email/ text alerts for when cycle is over, cloud access to cycle data, and historical visibility to overall sterilizer usage for cost allocation and preventative maintenance planning.

Cloud capabilities are not just relegated to new autoclaves – existing Consolidated autoclaves with Advantage-series controls may be retrofitted with the internet-ready technology.

If you’re interested in learning more about Consolidated’s cloud-enabled autoclave technology, contact us today.

About Consolidated Sterilizer Systems

Consolidated Sterilizer Systems ( has manufactured water stills and steam sterilizers (autoclaves) in Boston, MA since 1946. Through years of research and development, their products have satisfied leading universities, hospitals and biotechnology facilities worldwide.

About TetraScience

TetraScience ( is a Boston-based company that helps scientists and researchers create a network of smart cloud-connected instruments to automate and digitize experimentation, data collection, and analysis.

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