CSS Announces Arthur Trapotsis to Present at The 2014 Turnkey Conference

Jason Thompson
Written by: Jason Thompson

Consolidated Sterilizer Systems is proud to announce that our President and CEO Arthur Trapotsis will be presenting at The 2014 Turnkey Conference in National Harbor, Maryland, taking place May 13-14 at the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center.

This prestigious conference is an annual event for facility directors and managers, veterinarians, vendors, designers, and architects from around the world to come together to identify advancements in animal laboratory facility design and medicine. During these enriching two days, thought leaders and industry experts will work to recognize important challenges in the animal laboratory community, as well as identify useful information and new ideas on how to update or design these laboratories more efficiently and economically. Presentations will be approximately 45-minutes in length with 5-10 minutes for Q&A afterwards.

Arthur’s presentation, Emerging Trends in Steam Sterilization Design, will examine the latest developments in laboratory and vivarium steam sterilizer designs. A large part of the talk will focus on sustainability in typical steam sterilizers, primarily water consumption and conservation. Throughout this presentation, audiences will learn more about water saving technologies, LEED point achievements, remote monitoring and control through workstations or mobile devices, BSL-3 lab sterilizer design, and space-saving designs.

As an experienced presenter with an MBA and an MS in Biochemical engineering, and over 15 years experience the sterilizer industry, Arthur’s forum promises to be informative, inspirational, and practical for those interested in learning more about today’s developing autoclave technologies. Arthur holds FDA approval for hospital steam sterilizers, has developed a sterilizer for Anthrax contaminated mail, has a patent-pending on a new low-temperature sterilization process, and specializes in “green” autoclave design features.

Arthur is scheduled to present on Tuesday, May 13, from 3:50 p.m. – 4:40 p.m. during D/B Session 6. To learn more about The 2014 Turnkey Conference agenda, click here.

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