Consolidated Sterilizers’ Exclusive Tower Model Provides Efficient, Space-saving Design

Arthur Trapotsis
Written by: Arthur Trapotsis

MS Biochemical Engineering, MBA, Consultant

Tower Model reduces sterilizer footprint by more than 35%.

Consolidated Sterilizer Systems, Inc. (Consolidated) today announced their focus on helping laboratories capitalize on space limitations with the Tower Model Small Lab series sterilizer. The Tower Model is a “stacked” dual chamber sterilizer that drastically reduces the space required for sterilization systems within any laboratory setup.

Regardless of the size of your lab, Consolidated understands that space is always at a premium. The Tower Model has a 35% smaller footprint than two sterilizers setup side-by-side, with the option to save even more space through special recessed and cabinet configurations. The Tower Model will also help save money and resources by minimizing downtime and increasing lab throughput; each chamber of the sterilizer can be run independently or simultaneously with the other.

The Tower Model is compatible with many of Consolidated’s Smart Options including ProGEN™ Steam Generators, WaterEco® Water Conservation Systems, and SteriNET® Remote Monitoring. Non-proprietary valve parts and a local dealer network help the Tower Model maintain a low cost of ownership with the highest standards of sterilization available in the market today. For a downloadable product literature file on the Tower Model Series click here or contact Consolidated at 617-782-6072.

Consolidated Sterilizer Systems is an industry leader in development and manufacturing of gravity and pre-vacuum steam sterilizers with advanced Programmable Logic Controllers configured for clinical, academic, life science, pharmaceutical and industrial applications. Consolidated products are 100% made in the U.S.A. and built to assure local service efficiencies for maximum uptime.

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