Consolidated Sterilizer Systems Announces New MiniBulk™ Large Sterilizer

Amit Gupta
Written by: Amit Gupta

MS Mechanical Engineering, Vice President of Engineering

July 10, 2013 , Boston, MA – Consolidated Sterilizer Systems is pleased to announce the launch of their new large sterilizer, the MiniBulk. The MiniBulk accommodates a higher volume of contaminated material than a small or medium sterilizer, while taking up less space than a full bulk sterilizer.

“The MiniBulk is essentially a happy medium between a medium sterilizer and a full-size bulk,” said CSS President Arthur Trapotsis. “The MiniBulk is the optimal product for smaller animal labs that need to sterilize animal cages but simply don’t require the large capacity of a bulk sterilizer.”

The MiniBulk occupies only about half the square footage that is required for a full size bulk sterilizer, making it at ideal solution for labs where space is a concern. The CSS MiniBulk’s modular configuration allows for it to be installed easily, even in tight spaces.  No pit mounting is required.

“It’s the perfect sterilizer for mid-size labs that are physically smaller and can’t accommodate a full size bulk sterilizer, yet need the added throughput,” said Trapotsis.

The MiniBulk will be of particular interest to labs that are expanding their research capabilities to mice and rats, and need to upgrade their current sterilizer to one that can easily accommodate cages and waste. Some of the key available options include:

  • Pass-thru configuration: Ideal for BSL-3 labs, the pass-thru option allows for movement of materials between the contained decontamination area and the clean processing area.
  • Loading cart and transfer carriage: The loading cart is mounted on rollers, with two stainless steel shelves and a wheeled transfer carriage. The transfer carriage mates to interior guide rails to ease loading and unloading of sterilization loads up to 500 lbs. evenly distributed.
  • Bioseal® : For Biological Safety Level 3 installations a Bioseal® can be installed to maintain the contamination integrity of the clean side. Utilities can be mounted at the non-contained side of the installation and in the front, rear or designated side of the cabinet.
  • Dual Controls: For pass-thru models equipped with the ADV-PRO controller.  A 6” color touchscreen with full operator and service functionality is provided at each end of the sterilizer to allow operation from both sides. Printer is located outside the containment  area unless otherwise specified.

More information about the MiniBulk, including a detailed spec sheet, is available on the Consolidated Sterilizer Systems website.

About Consolidated Sterilizer Systems

CSS has manufactured water stills and steam sterilizers (autoclaves) in Boston, Massachusetts since 1946. Through years of research and development, our products have been selected by leading universities, hospitals, and biotechnology facilities worldwide.

Customers worldwide come to Consolidated for sterilizers and water purification systems with the best price, functionality and dependable quality in the industry. Consolidated markets and sells its products in over 70 countries through qualified sales teams and manufacturer sales representatives. All of our units are 100% manufactured in the USA.

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