Consolidated Sterilizer Installed in Germfree Mobile Lab in Abu Dhabi

Arthur Trapotsis
Written by: Arthur Trapotsis

MS Biochemical Engineering, MBA, Consultant

Consolidated Sterilizer Systems is excited to announce one of its autoclaves has been installed in a Germfree mobile biocontainmment laboratory being used as part of a public health response in United Arab Emirates.

The installation project with Germfree features Consolidated’s small double-door pass thru autoclave, a specialty steam sterilizer used primarily for BSL-3 laboratories.

Jeff Serle, senior vice president for Germfree, said the sterilizer installed in Germfree’s mobile bio-containment lab in Abu Dhabi is being used primarily for the sterilization of medical waste in the field. Serle said Germfree’s mobile labs are designed to meet the strict requirements of a Biosafety Level 3 facility – a BSL-3 laboratory handles microbes and pathogens that may cause serious disease through inhalation.

“They are working with pathogens, either unknown or known, that have potential to cause a high risk to human health,” said Serle. “So, in order for them to do their work, everything that they bring in to the lab has to go out through the autoclave.”

In addition to its compact size and customizable features, one of the biggest selling points of Consolidated’s sterilizers, according to Serle, is its simple door design – a hinged, double door, pass-thru configuration. This unique door design means harmful biological agents can be researched on a containment side of a mobile lab, then sterilized and passed through to a “clean side” for disposal.

Serle said Germfree installed the sterilizer with a bio seal in order to conserve energy.

Consolidated’s sterilizers have been a mainstay in Germfree’s mobile labs for the past several years. Serle said he also considers Consolidated’s sterilizers to be durable, reliable and easy to maintain.

“It’s a solid functioning product with not a lot of extras that create complications,” said Serle.”


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