Double Door Pass-Thru Hinged

Double Door, Pass-Thru, Hinged – Small Autoclave

Model Chamber Dimensions (W x H x F-B) Volume (Cubic Feet / Liters)
icon-product-dd-pt-50px PT-SSR-2A 16" x 16" x 26"
40.6 x 40.6 x 66 cm
3.9 cu. ft
109 liters
icon-product-dd-pt-60px PT-SSR-3A 20" x 20" x 38"
50.8 x 50.8 x 96.5 cm
8.8 cu. ft
249 liters
icon-product-dd-pt-70px PT-SR-24A 24" x 24" x 36"
61 x 61 x 91.4 cm
12 cu. ft
340 liters
icon-product-dd-pt-70px PT-SR-24B 24" x 24" x 48"
61 x 61 x 122cm
16 cu. ft
453 liters
icon-product-dd-pt-80px PT-SR-26A 26" x 26" x 39"
66 x 66 x 99 cm
15.25 cu. ft
430 liters
Consolidated Sterilizer Systems

Standard BSL-3 Features:

  • Bio-Seal. All BSL-3 autoclaves must be sealed appropriately in the wall to prevent microbes from passing between the contained and non-contained rooms (double door, thru wall systems). A biological sealing flange or Bio-Seal provides separation and a positive seal between these two rooms.
    • BSL-3 sterilizers typically incorporate a steel plate that is continuously welded to all four sides of the sterilizer. It extends out beyond the frame of the sterilizer to which the installer then attaches the barrier. The other side of the barrier is then secured to the surrounding walls and sealed to the wall.
    • By design, the biocontainment lab is under lower or negative air pressure relative to the hallway or adjacent lab. When the seal is properly installed, a gas tightness or leak test (Halogen Tightness Test) will be performed to ensure that the bio-seal will withstand the differential pressure while still maintaining a biological barrier. This safety measure ensures that in the event of a leak, air would flow from the safe side into the hazardous side.
  • Pass-thru Door Interlock System. For pass-thru models only. Prevents opening of the sterilizer door on the non-contained side until completion of a sterilization cycle. Also prevents both doors from being opened simultaneously. This system is programmed to accommodate the desired direction of product flow.
  • Effluent Decontamination System. Consolidated Sterilizer Systems was one of the first companies to investigate and discover the potential hazards of contaminated sterilizer effluent (see British Journal of Biomedical Science article from 1999). For labs working with BSL3 micro-organisms all waste and effluent must be rendered sterile. Sterilization of bacteria and pathogens is accomplished through the use of an FDA approved, ultra high-efficiency filter. Consolidated’s patented process is simplest and most effective to use in the industry. Once inserted into the chamber’s drain, the 0.2-micron filter retains the bacteria from the purged air and effluent of the sterilizer. The steam that sterilizes the products in the chamber also sterilizes the bacteria held by the filter. The filters are rated at 99.9999+ % efficiency for 0.2-micron particles.
  • See a Bioseal System installation here →
  • Cloud-based monitoring, alerting and data collection system — Consolidated autoclaves are now able to connect to the internet—allowing scientists, lab managers, and facilities personnel to monitor their autoclaves and download their sterilization data from any internet-ready device. Simply connect the autoclave via Ethernet or Wi-Fi to enjoy the benefits (cloud-based data storage, real time monitoring, and cycle alerts & reminders).

Consolidated’s X1™ and Advantage Series™ Programmable Logic Controllers are built using proven industry-standard components that provide dependable performance, solid reliability and international parts availability.

  • Choose from X1™, ADV-PRO™, ADV-PLUS™ or ADV-PB™ controllers
  • State-of-the-art cloud-based monitoring, alerting and data collection system to help maximize productivity and keep track of records
  • Intuitive User Interface and graphics
  • UL/CSA listed

Models & Key Features

    • X1
    • 7" Wide Angle Color Touchscreen Display
    • Up To 50 Cycles
    • Capable of Running All Cycle Types
    • Password Protection
    • BSL-3 Compatible
    • ADV-PRO
    • 6" x 10" Color Touchscreen
    • 22+ Cycles
    • Pre-Vac Capability
    • Password Protection
    • BSL-3 Compatible
    • ADV-PLUS
    • 7" Monochrome Touchscreen
    • 12 Cycles
    • Pre-Vac Capability
    • ADV-PB
    • 3" Monochrome Touchscreen
    • 2 Cycles
Description Wide Angle Color Touchscreen Display Color Touchscreen Display Monochrome Touchscreen Display Monochrome Touchscreen Display w/Push Buttons
Gravity Yes Yes Yes Yes
Liquids w/Auto Jacket Blowdown Yes Yes Yes Yes
Liquids w/Controlling Load Probe Optional Optional Optional
Pre-Vacuum Optional Optional Optional
Post-Vacuum Optional Optional Optional Optional
Low Temperature (Isothermal) Optional Optional Optional
Bowie-Dick (Air Removal Test) Optional Optional Optional
Vacuum Leak Test Optional Optional Optional
Air-Over-Pressure Optional Optional
Effluent Decontamination Optional Optional
Fo w/Controlling Load Probe Optional Optional
Ability to Favorite Cycles Yes
Total Programmable Cycles Up to 50 Up to 22 Up to 12 2