AALAS National Meeting

Consolidated’s Director of Engineering Amit Gupta to Speak at 68th Annual AALAS National Meeting

Arthur Trapotsis
Written by: Arthur Trapotsis

MS Biochemical Engineering, MBA, Consultant

Consolidated Sterilizer System’s Director of Engineering Amit Gupta will be presenting at this year’s 68th AALAS National Meeting to discuss how cloud connectivity for laboratory equipment can revolutionize lab productivity.

The idea of cloud technology enhancing the workflow within the laboratory environment has been steadily gaining steam over the past year — with Consolidated leading the pack of autoclave manufacturers who offer the latest in cloud-connected laboratory sterilizer technology.

The upcoming talk, slated for October 15th, will also cover the opportunities presented by a new age of smart laboratory equipment and how labs can leverage smart laboratory equipment to realize increased productivity. Additionally, issues regarding data security and data ownership will be discussed.

Gupta, who has been with Consolidated for nearly a decade, will speak on how internet connected devices are being integrated into laboratory equipment and how productivity gains are realized by minimizing downtime, reducing waiting time and allowing researchers to work on multiple pieces of equipment simultaneous and remotely.

“This type of smart equipment enables researchers to be more productive by allowing them to remotely perform experiments, run processes, monitor tests, collect data and more,” said Gupta.

Traditionally, cloud connectivity has been a challenge for laboratories because most lab equipment use audible alarms, display messages on a screen or require input on a terminal.

Consolidated believes smart equipment, such as cloud-enabled autoclaves, will solve the proximity issue and embed itself into a researcher’s natural workflow by interacting via e-mail, SMS, app and/or website.

“Smart lab equipment allows researchers to access and collect critical information as it occurs, thereby, empowering the researcher to focus on the science rather than the equipment.

This year’s AALAS National Meeting takes place Oct. 15-19th in Austin, TX at the Austin Convention Center. The conference includes workshops, lectures, poster sessions, exhibits and an awards presentation for professional and technical excellence in laboratory animal science.

If you plan on attending AALAS, please visit our booth (#1842) to learn more about cloud technology and other industry trend-setting products and options by Consolidated.

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