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Featured Employee: Amit Gupta, Director of Engineering

Arthur Trapotsis
Written by: Arthur Trapotsis

MS Biochemical Engineering, MBA, Consultant

At Consolidated Sterilizer Systems, we like to work with the most talented professionals in the steam sterilizer industry. This week we highlight one of our best and brightest, Amit Gupta, Director of Engineering.

Now in his eighth year with CSS, Amit leads a gifted engineering team and is at the helm of every research and development project at our Boston headquarters. Here, Amit not only helps usher state-of-the-art new products to our customers, but also works diligently to improve upon existing products and technology.

For instance, Amit has been at the forefront of CSS’ forward-looking approach toward steam sterilizer water and energy conservation. These systems include specialized autoclave equipment and processes designed specifically to help facilities worldwide save cost and resources, while even assisting architects to achieve LEED credits. As well, Amit’s dedication to engineering excellence has helped introduce CSS’ Model 3AV EZ-Glide sliding door sterilizer and the MiniBulk Series. These models were developed to simplify operation, improve serviceability, and increase throughput, all within a minimal footprint.

Amit’s input and expertise has been instrumental in meeting the demands of customer expectations. With every autoclave innovation, Amit and his team help facilities worldwide consistently achieve the highest levels of productivity.

Before joining Consolidated’s dedicated team of professionals, Amit received his Masters of Mechanical Engineering from MIT, a program that complements his extensive background in controls, robotics, and mechanical design.

When Amit is not pushing the boundaries in autoclave innovation, he stays just as active outside the office. Amit enjoys traveling, hiking, playing squash, making pottery, and finding time for Game of Thrones.

Stay tuned for more featured employees to come—or contact us today to learn more about how CSS’ team can help improve your facility’s sterilization capabilities and overall productivity.

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