Consolidated Uses Non-Proprietary, Off-The-Shelf Parts When Available

When you order parts through a Consolidated Authorized Distributor, you are assured of up-to-date parts that have been factory tested and UL approved. Obtaining factory stock parts is as easy as calling your local Consolidated Authorized Distributor. Contact us for a service provider and parts distributor in your area.

  • If your local supplier is out of stock, we will drop ship parts from our factory to your facility.
  • Please reference this convenient list of recommended replacement parts for your autoclave: SterilCARE™ PartsPAX™ Maintenance Kit


Sterilizer Parts

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SterilCARE™ Preventative Maintenance Parts Kits

As part of the SterilCARE™ Preventative Maintenance Service Program (PMP), Consolidated offers the convenience of PartsPAX™ Maintenance Kits for your autoclave. PartsPAX™ packages reduce costs and include some of the most commonly needed items to keep your autoclave running smoothly and reliably. Consolidated offers two different levels to fit your needs, Basic and Deluxe. An Options PartsPAX™ Kit includes an assortment of additional replacement items required on occasion.

Safety PAX Performance PAX Complete PAX
Recommended Frequency Annual Regardless of Number of Cycles Every 300 Cycles Annual or As Needed


Sterilizer Part/Component Safety PAX Performance PAX Complete PAX
C3 Chamber Cleaner Starter Kit Yes Yes
Door Sealant Yes Yes
Internal Door Lock Assembly* Yes Yes
Door Gasket Yes Yes
Jacket Safety Valve Yes Yes
Chamber Safety Valve Yes Yes
Door Lubricant Yes Yes
Valve Assembly: Chamber, Jacket, Exhaust, Water, Gasket Air**, Gasket Exhaust** Yes Yes
Vacuum Release Assembly (Valve Repair Kit, Air Filter, Check Valve) Yes Yes
Check valves (3) Yes
Jacket Steam Trap Kit Yes
Chamber Steam Trap Kit Yes


Steam Generator Part/Component
(if applicable)
Safety PAX Performance PAX Complete PAX
Generator Safety Valve Yes Yes
Contactor Yes Yes Yes
Water Fill Valve Repair Kit Yes Yes
Sight Glass with Gasket & Valves Yes Yes
Generator Flange O-Ring Yes Yes
Low Water Cut Off Complete Assembly Yes

* For radial arm door only
** For vertical door autoclaves

Ordering Information

To order, call your area Consolidated Parts Distributor or contact Consolidated. Please provide your sterilizer serial number when ordering. This program does not permit substitutions or deletions.