AALAS National Meeting

Consolidated’s Director of Engineering Amit Gupta to Speak at 68th Annual AALAS National Meeting

Written by: Arthur Trapotsis

Consolidated Sterilizer System’s Director of Engineering Amit Gupta will be presenting at this year’s 68th AALAS National Meeting to discuss how cloud connectivity for laboratory equipment can revolutionize lab productivity. The idea of cloud technology enhancing the workflow within the laboratory environment has been steadily gaining steam over the past year — with Consolidated leading the pack […]

Consolidated Sterilizer Systems Introduces Cloud Upgrade Kit for Existing Autoclaves in the Field

Written by: Arthur Trapotsis

Consolidated Sterilizer Systems announces that an upgrade kit is now available to retrofit your older-model steam sterilizers with cloud connectivity. The announcement means you now have a better, more affordable, option to upgrade your equipment without having to purchase a brand new sterilizer. The new upgrade kits come on the heels of Consolidated launching a […]

CSS & TetraScience to Host One-of-a-Kind Webinar on Benefits of Cloud-Connected Autoclave Technology

Written by: Arthur Trapotsis

Consolidated Sterilizer Systems and TetraScience will come together Oct. 25th for a live presentation about new cloud and Internet of Things (IoT) technology that will radically improve the efficiency of your lab. The one-of-a-kind webinar — titled “Cloud Enabled Laboratory Equipment: Learn How and Why You Should Be Adopting Cloud Tech in the Lab”—  will feature […]

Consolidated Sterilizer Systems Unveils Cloud-Enabled Autoclaves

Written by: Arthur Trapotsis

July 25, 2016 (Boston, Mass.)—Consolidated Sterilizer Systems is pleased to announce that all of its newly manufactured autoclave models are cloud ready — a cutting edge capability that allows scientists, lab managers, and facilities personnel the ability to monitor and manage their autoclave from any internet-ready device. The new cloud-enabled autoclave technology is achieved through […]

Consolidated Sterilizer Systems Products Now Available on GSA

Written by: Arthur Trapotsis

Strategic Partnership to Bolster Sterilizer Sales to U.S. Government July 1, 2016, Boston, MA — Consolidated Sterilizer Systems (CSS), a leading manufacturing of steam sterilizers in the life sciences market, is excited to announce that its products are now listed with the General Services Administration (GSA). Through a new strategic partnership with Franklin Young International, CSS now has […]

The Birth of the Internet of Labs (IoL)

Written by: Arthur Trapotsis

The Internet of Things (IoT) is all around us. From adjusting thermostats online, to starting a car from an app, to viewing security camera video on a website, internet connected devices have already revolutionized the consumer market. If you’re not familiar with IoT, think of it as a series of interconnected devices that are able […]


The Real Deal on How to Handle Red Bag Waste in Your Laboratory

Written by: Arthur Trapotsis

Red bag waste is a necessary evil in today’s bio-medical field. Every day, hospitals and universities alike confront the continual burden of how to handle, sterilize and properly dispose of this bio-hazardous waste — especially within a laboratory setting. However, despite this widespread challenge, there remains no universal guideline on how laboratories should properly handle […]

Prion Sterilization Common Challenges

Prion Sterilization: Common Challenges

Written by: Arthur Trapotsis

Transmission of prion diseases through medical equipment remains an ever-present possibility in many laboratories and medical facilities around the world. As such, prion sterilization should not be taken lightly. Facilities that lack prion sterilization equipment and protocols for exposed or contaminated medical instruments not only put lab personnel at risk, but also endanger any future […]