Consolidated Sterilizer Systems Introduces Cloud Upgrade Kit for Existing Autoclaves in the Field

Arthur Trapotsis
Written by: Arthur Trapotsis

MS Biochemical Engineering, MBA, Consultant

Consolidated Sterilizer Systems announces that an upgrade kit is now available to retrofit your older-model steam sterilizers with cloud connectivity.

The announcement means you now have a better, more affordable, option to upgrade your equipment without having to purchase a brand new sterilizer.

The new upgrade kits come on the heels of Consolidated launching a new line of cloud connected autoclaves in 2016. Currently, all new sterilizers feature cloud capability as a standard feature.

The need for cloud connectivity in the laboratory was made evident through a recent survey of autoclave users (researchers, lab managers and technicians) that showed having access to a cloud-connected autoclave can and will boost productivity, as well as improve access to sterilizer data.

What to Know About Our Cloud Upgrade Kit

The new Cloud Upgrade Kit enables a Consolidated sterilizer with an existing Advantage-Series (ADV-PB, ADV-PLUS or ADV-PRO) controller to be upgraded and have all the cloud capabilities as newer-model sterilizers. Each kit includes a one-year subscription to the TetraScience cloud service. Upgrading your sterilizer with cloud capabilities will give you the ability to monitor your autoclave, store all cycle data, and electronically receive cycle alerts, cycle reports, and preventative maintenance reminders.

Cloud is also now available as an option for Controller Conversion Upgrades. If your autoclave is not configured with the above mentioned control systems then you may purchase a Controller Conversion Upgrade Kit from Consolidated with the cloud option built in.

Cloud-capable autoclaves offer scientists, lab managers and facilities personnel the ability to monitor and manage their autoclave from any internet-ready device. Contact us today to learn more about this exciting new capability.

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