WaterEco® Series

Most modern autoclaves utilize a large amount of water in order to reduce the discharge temperature to drain and comply with local building codes. The Consolidated WaterEco® Series has been developed to drastically reduce the water consumed by the autoclave. Both the WaterEco® Basic and WaterEco® Plus systems operate without the use of electricity, while the WaterEco® Vac Plus system uses minimal energy.  All WaterEco Systems can be installed on new sterilizers or retrofitted onto existing sterilizers. Consolidated is dedicated to supporting architects and new facility owners with products engineered and tested to be the greenest possible building solutions.

The WaterEco Series offers many benefits:

  • Saves hundreds of gallons of water per day.
  • Assists sustainability officers, facilities managers, and researchers with their goals to reduce utility consumption and participate in green intiatives.
  • Assists architects and lab planners in receiving LEED (Leadership in Energy US Green Building Counciland Environment Design) credits as set forth by the U.S. Green Building Council.
  • Easy to retrofit existing autoclaves, regardless of manufacturer.

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WaterEco® Basic

The WaterEco® Basic is a patented system that works by collecting autoclave drainage into a cooling reservoir. This effluent is cooled using a combination of air, previously cooled effluent and a minimal amount of cold water. In addition to cooling the effluent to below 140°F, the WaterEco® Basic system enhances the overall exhaust cycle by more efficiently collapsing steam.  This system can be easily installed on both gravity and pre-vacuum autoclaves.

  • Compatible with gravity and pre-vacuum autoclaves
  • Integral cooling reservoir with patented design
  • Non-electric
  • Easy to retrofit
  • Up to 90% water savings of cooling water

Water Saving Systems

WaterEco® Plus

The WaterEco® Plus system is ideal for use in installations where a facility chilled water supply is readily available. This method uses a stainless steel heat exchanger to isolate and cool effluent without consuming additional water. All cooling water is recycled to the chiller in a closed-loop system, and quenched/tempered effluent is piped to the drain. This system virtually eliminates once-through cooling water.  This system can be easily installed on both gravity and pre-vacuum autoclaves.

  • Compatible with gravity and pre-vacuum autoclaves
  • Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger
  • Non-electric
  • Closed loop facility chilled water is required to operate
  • 50-99% water savings

WaterEco® Vac Plus

The WaterEco® Vac Plus was designed to integrate with pre-vacuum autoclaves when chilled water is readily available.  Autoclave vacuum systems require a relatively high flow of cold water to function properly. Typically, the cold water absorbs the steam and is discharged to the drain line at a much higher temperature.  If this water is cooled and returned to the vacuum system, however, water consumption can be reduced up to 99% with the WaterEco Vac Plus system.  This full recovery closed-loop system presents the best solution to minimize water consumption. The full recovery system uses chilled water to cool the vacuum water and exhaust.  The cooling water is returned to the chiller and the vacuum water is returned to the vacuum pump.  The full recovery system reduces waste water from the vacuum system by up to 99%.

  • Compatible with pre-vacuum autoclaves only
  • Full recovery system with stainless steel cooling reservoir and heat exchanger*
  • Integrates with liquid ring pump
  • Closed loop facility chilled water is required to operate
  • 99% water savings of cooling and vacuum water


To learn more about water consumption in traditional steam autoclaves, read Consolidated’s post: Why Your Lab’s Autoclaves Are Wasting Water (And Money) and How To Stop It.

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