Construction Material

  • Material
    • Choice of material is determined by water quality or load type.
    • Distilled or deionized (DI) water will require all stainless (including stainless piping)
    • Note: Tissue culture will require purified water.
  • Material Choices
    • Stainless Chamber, Carbon Steel Jacket
      • Standard offering from Consolidated unless otherwise specified.
    • Nickel Clad Chamber, Carbon Steel Jacket
      • Nickel Clad is more resistant to rusting; it doesn’t pit as much as stainless, and is more resistant to chlorides.
      • This material should not be used if working with bloodwork.
    • Stainless Chamber, Stainless Jacket
      • If the water quality is above 1 MΩ/cm stainless steel is required.
      • This option is critical for lab work with tissue culture or labs feeding distilled or deionized (DI) water to the sterilizer.
      • Stainless piping and a stainless generator are necessary as well.
      • In turn, if a stainless steel generator is chosen, water greater than 1 MΩ/cm must be used.

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