Air Removal

Our standard sterilizers are gravity type units. This means that in the initial purge cycle of the sterilization process, all air is removed from the chamber by gravity displacement (steam is lighter than air). If you are sterilizing goods which are difficult for steam to penetrate or require a long drying period, you may need to upgrade to a vacuum system. Here are the options below.

  • Gravity Air Removal – Standard
  • Vacuum Air Removal. Recommended for items that are porous (animal bedding, containers with small openings, objects with lids, packs, lumens, tubing).
    • Draws air from chamber prior to cycle.
    • ONLY available with vacuum pump and water ejector system.
      • Venturi/ Water Ejector Standard Hi-Vac option. Requires ADV or MC Series controller, 65 psi per minute water pressure. For pre/post vac. Lower first costs, higher water consumption.
      • Liquid Ring Pump Premium Hi-Vac option. Requires ADV or Series controller, 65 psi per minute water pressure.. More efficient in removing air, with greater controllability. Higher first costs and maintenance. Can perform Vacuum Leak Test and Bowie-Dick test.

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