A Guide to Autoclave Steam Sources

Consolidated autoclaves can be configured to utilize your building steam supply or steam from a steam generator. Even if house steam is available at your facility, the decision to use it should not be taken lightly.

  • Option 1: House Steam
    • In most situations, standard house steam is adequate, if available.
    • An inlet filter needed may be required to clean the steam*
  • Option 2: Integral Electric Steam Generator
    • Typically required when house steam is not available or adequate.
    • Consolidated can supply integral steam generators (up to 45 kW) designed to fit under the sterilizer. The largest integral generator can go under a 24″ x 36″ x 48″ sterilizer. There are two integral generator options available:
      • Standard, carbon steel boiler. Used with tap water and softened tap water. Learn more about our highly reliable and easily serviceable ProGEN™ Electric Steam Generators.
      • Clean steam, stainless steel boiler. Used when >1 megaOhm of water is fed to the boiler. Steam autoclaves with stainless steel boilers must be equipped with stainless steel chamber, jacket, and components.
  • Option 3: Remote Electric Steam Generator
    • A remote boiler is one that will sit adjacent (not integral) to the sterilizer. These generators are usually much larger than 45 kW and, therefore, too large to fit under a sterilizer.
  • Option 4: Steam-to-Steam Generator
    • Stainless steel construction. Utilized for applications requiring clean steam. This type of system does not employ heating elements like an electric steam generator (mentioned above). Instead, it utilizes existing house steam to heat high purity water (>1 megaOhm) to create clean steam. Consolidated can supply integral clean steam generators (up to 45 kW) designed to fit under the sterilizer.
  • Important Notes:
    • * House steam is sometimes referred to as “dirty steam” because the water source feeding the house boiler is usually tap water. This type of steam is also referred to as “dirty” because of the type of building pipe that it passes through.  Older, iron, piping can leach particulates into the steam, hence the potential need for an inlet steam filter. “Clean steam” is steam that is created from high-purity (e.g. De-ionized) water.
    • Standard voltages for electric boilers are 208, 240, 380, 480, 3 phase. Voltages must be determined prior to ordering to configure the heating elements in the generator.
    • The Automatic Generator Blowdown is an optional feature that is strongly recommended for facilities with poor water quality. Flushing of the generator is required to prevent impurities from collecting on the heating elements. If this feature is not ordered with the autoclave then the user must blow down the generator manually by opening a ball valve on the generator plumbing.  All units are equipped with this ball valve.

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