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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I connect my autoclave to the cloud?

If you know your Consolidated autoclave is equipped with the correct hardware to connect to the cloud, please click here for a step-by-step process to connect your autoclave.  If you don’t know or are unsure if your autoclave has the appropriate hardware then Contact us for additional assistance.

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First time set-up instructions for cloud-connected autolcaves

Connecting via Ethernet

Power up sterilizer.
Make sure an active Ethernet cable is plugged into the port located on the side of your autoclave’s control column (just below the 120V power connection.)
Log onto and click “Create An Account” for first time set-up, or click “Log-in” if you already have a TetraScience account.

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What is TetraScience?

TetraScience is a cloud-based software platform for scientific instruments. The platform helps researchers remotely monitor and manage their instruments and experiments. The TetraScience cloud software enables remote monitoring, alerting, and data capture for a myriad of laboratory instruments.

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Is my Consolidated sterilizer data safe in the cloud?

When data is transmitted between your Consolidated sterilizer and the cloud, it is encrypted using HTTPS/TLS.  Stored data is then encrypted and secured by server-side AES-256 bit encryption provided by Amazon Web Service (AWS).

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Who has access to the data for my cloud-connected autoclave?

Only authenticated end-users who are explicitly granted permission are able to access the data. Data is stored separately from other AWS customers, as well as from Consolidated Sterilizer Systems. Only authenticated end-users can choose to share the access with collaborators/colleagues or Consolidated Sterilizer Systems.  A strong password policy is enforced by default.

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Does connecting the Consolidated sterilizer to my network increase the chances of my network being hacked?

No. The only communication the sterilizer has is the HTTPS request made to the cloud server, which is hosted in a secure and isolated Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) at AWS. The sterilizer disallows incoming network connections.

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What if my sterilizer loses internet connectivity?

If your cloud-connected sterilizer loses internet connectivity, it will detect an internet disconnection and buffer the data locally inside the sterilizers. Buffered data will be transferred to the cloud as soon as the internet connection is re-established. The software will also detect a sterilizer offline event and alert the associated users based on their configured preference.

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How can I configure the Consolidated sterilizer to connect to a specific network for internet access?

Consolidated’s sterilizers can simply be hooked up via an internet-ready Ethernet port. If no Ethernet connection is available the sterilizer can be connected through Wi-Fi.

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Can I upgrade my existing Consolidated sterilizer with Cloud technology?

Yes! If you already have a Consolidated sterilizer, you can retroactively get our Cloud module installed with a Cloud Upgrade Kit. Please fill out a Request a Quote form.

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