Consolidated Introduces New SteriNET and Express Custom Delivery

Consolidated Sterilizer Systems announces the introduction of two new feature/service programs designed to improve sterilizer monitoring and to accelerate acquisition of new sterilizers by avoiding long lead times.


SteriNET™ is the company’s suite of remote monitoring, troubleshooting, supervisory control and data acquisition systems. Developed for use with the Consolidated Advantage™ Series controllers, the SteriNET™ program includes DataPort™, Connex, SCADA and APPs derivatives which can be selected for specific applications.

  • SteriNET™Connex offers live factory diagnostics from a phone line connection to the company’s central service facility.
  • SteriNET™ APPs provides remote monitoring of one or multiple sterilizers from a mobile phone.
  • SteriNET™ DataPort permits local computer monitoring and electronic record keeping and data logging.
  • SteriNET™ SCADA includes many of the same features plus supervisory control.

To view or download a technical data sheet click here. For more information contact Consolidated or your Consolidated sales representative.

CSS Express CustomConsolidated Express™ Custom

Consolidated Custom is a 30-day guaranteed custom sterilizer delivery program design to speed up the purchase, specification and installation of popular-sized steam sterilizers.

  • The Express™ Custom program is ideal for resolving emergency replacement, scale-up or unplanned omissions in project development for new or retrofit installations.
  • The Express™ Custom program is enabled by the Consolidated Kanban program where ASME certified sterilizer chambers are staged in advance of final specifications from the customer.

To view or download a technical data sheet click here. For more information contact Consolidated or your Consolidated sales representative.

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