Celebrating 75 Years of Consolidated Sterilizer Systems

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Written by: CSS Marketing Team

Our story begins 75 years ago in Boston, Massachusetts in 1946. Then known as the Consolidated Machine Corporation, William A. Barnstead and his business partners, focused the company on producing autoclaves and water stills for the U.S. Department of Defense and U.S. Navy.   Barnstead, an entrepreneur and rugged individualist, worked diligently to create a strong and lasting reputation for his company as an innovator in the sterilizer and water distillation industry. He deeply believed in building reliable and durable American-made products. That commitment to innovation and quality has never wavered over the course of 75 years as it continues to be Consolidated’s mission to this day.

Today, under the leadership of Arthur Trapotsis, the company is known as Consolidated Sterilizer Systems and has expanded its focus to create reliable, affordable, and customizable sterilization systems for laboratory and medical facilities around the globe.

When Trapotsis acquired the oldest U.S.-based manufacturer of autoclaves from Barnstead in 2008, he continued the legacy of manufacturing high-quality and long-lasting sterilization equipment by improving operations and bolstering the engineering team.

“If there’s one thing I’ve learned working in this industry, it’s that you can’t get by on reputation alone — you need a solid product to back it up,” said Trapotsis. “A solid product starts with good people.  Consolidated has invested everything into delivering dependable high-quality, high-performance solutions, right from the very beginning.  Our people (employees) make this all possible.  Great employees have been the key to our longevity and to our continued success.”

Trapotsis, much like his resolute predecessor, has continued with the company’s dedication to create sterilizers that are “Made in America” — despite the allure of low labor costs and less regulation overseas.

“I was fortunate to work with Mr. Barnstead for several years before his passing.  [Barnstead] loved the idea of ‘Made in America,’” he said. “He was very customer-oriented and knew how important it was to stay focused on quality and to keep jobs in this country.  That’s just as true today as it was 75 years ago.”

Trapotsis believes that the Consolidated mission is not only about producing American-made products as innovation is also a key component of Consolidated’s success.

Innovation has always been a part of Consolidated’s story. In the 1950s, Consolidated began manufacturing cylindrical sterilizers for laboratories and hospitals. In the 1960s, Barnstead was awarded a patent for a steam jacketed cylindrical water still, shown below.



This patent was the first in a long line of advancements that have placed Consolidated at the forefront of innovation. In the decades since, the company has had numerous innovations including a high-pressure, low-temperature sterilization device, the first-ever microprocessor-controlled sterilizer, and the first cloud-connected autoclave in North America.

Other major milestones over the years include launching dozens of new features and new modesl, entering new markets in over 70 countries around the world, and earning FDA approval. The Consolidated team has also dedicated itself to creating more “green” products by investing heavily in designing and manufacturing sustainable autoclaves, as well as researching what the future of autoclaving holds.

Over the passage of time, the company has emerged as the thought-leader in the autoclave industry.  Consolidated’s Autoclave Resource Center features a wide array of instructional videos, eBooks and other pieces of content that position the company at the top of the market by teaching clients about sterilization techniques and helping them make informed decisions about sterilization products.

If there is one thing the Consolidated team knows, it is that a lot can change over 75 years. From ongoing technological advancements to a new headquarters location, Consolidated Sterilizer Systems is certainly no stranger to progress. Despite these changes, one feature remains constant: our steadfast commitment to designing and manufacturing the most reliable, affordable, and customizable autoclaves in the industry.

“We aim to push the envelope and to be thought leaders in the autoclave industry,” said Trapotsis. “Our success is a testament to our employees, our sales representatives, our service partners, and the quality of our products and the innovation we strive for each and every day.”

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