bowie dick test

7 Common Causes for Failure of a Bowie-Dick Test

Written by: Amit Gupta

Sterilization departments have one of the most important responsibilities within a healthcare facility — ensuring that all surgical instruments and other reusable equipment are sterilized and safe to use during upcoming procedures. Without these services, operations at hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers would grind to a halt. In laboratory settings (especially in ones that carry […]


Why To Autoclave Liquids With a Load Probe

Written by: Amit Gupta

In our previous Sterilization Cycles post on the F0 Cycle, we briefly reviewed the process for autoclaving liquids with a load probe. This post further discusses the benefits of using a load probe for sterilization validation. A load probe is a temperature sensing probe located inside the laboratory’s autoclave chamber. It is configured such that […]


Common Steam Autoclave Maintenance Questions, Answered

Written by: Amit Gupta

Maintaining steam autoclaves in proper working order improves productivity, reduces downtime, extends the life of the autoclave, and helps to ensure overall safety in the workplace. So, to help you maintain your autoclave, we wrote about the importance of autoclave maintenance and shared some basic tips to maintain your equipment in a prior post.

In this post, we take the conversation a little deeper, answering common maintenance questions and identifying the critical components on an autoclave that should be inspected periodically by a trained service provider. This is not an exhaustive list of all the autoclave components that should be inspected but merely the major ones.

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