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Download safety checklists, buyers guides and comprehensive materials on how to maintain and service your autoclave. Plus, watch archived webinars to get a more visual understanding of everything autoclaves.

Webinar | The 9 Leading Causes of Autoclave Downtime [& How to Prevent Them]

Autoclave downtime is expensive, frustrating and can prevent important work from being completed. In order to prevent downtime from occurring, you must first familiarize yourself with its biggest contributing factors. That’s where Consolidated Sterilizer Systems comes in.

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Webinar | 4 Reasons Why CSS Autoclaves Are The #1 Choice For Labs

When choosing an autoclave, you want one that’s easy to use, can consistently get the job done and is built to last for years to come. Why is it, then, that so many models on the market today are overly complicated and difficult to operate? In this on-demand webinar, we take a look at the features and characteristics that separate Consolidated’s sterilizers from the competition — and, most importantly, what makes them reliable and simple to use.

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Webinar | Crash Course on Steam Sterilizers

Over the past 75 years, Consolidated Sterilizer Systems has installed over 14,000 steam sterilizers in 66 countries for some of the world’s leading universities, hospitals and biotechnology facilities. Join Jason Thompson, Director of Sales & Services, as he provides a crash course on all things related to Consolidated’s line of steam sterilizers in this free, on-demand webinar.

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Total Cost of Owning an Autoclave
eBook | Total Cost of Owning an Autoclave

Maintenance, parts replacement,  energy consumption, and  unexpected downtime are all factors in determining the cost of owning an autoclave. With a bit of research and careful preparation, you can make smart, informed decisions that lower the cost of your investment. In this free eBook, we discuss the hidden costs associated with owning and operating an autoclave in an effort help you better anticipate — and, ideally, reduce — them.

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eBook | How to Properly Maintain Your Autoclave

Routine autoclave maintenance is essential to ensure that your steam autoclave continues to function properly for years to come. Through preventative and proactive maintenance, your business can avoid common autoclave issues such as incomplete sterilization, premature component failure and chamber corrosion. These questions explored in this eBook will provide you with the necessary knowledge and understanding to strategically develop both short-term and long-term maintenance plans.

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17 Questions to Ask Before Buying Your Next Autoclave
eBook | 17 Questions to Ask Before Buying an Autoclave

With so many models, sizes, options and components to choose from, how can you ever really know exactly what you need to make the most out of your investment? The 17 questions asked and answered in this ebook will help you to make informed decisions by outlining what is most important to consider and know about buying an autoclave.

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eBook | How to Validate an Autoclave

As the owner/operator of a laboratory or medical autoclave, it’s in your best interest to ensure your equipment is up to par at all times. This comprehensive eBook explains a variety of validation tests you may need to perform in order to properly and effectively validate your autoclave.

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Laboratory Biosafety Level Checklist & Microbe Guide
eBook | Laboratory Biosafety Level Checklist & Microbe Guide

Biological Safety Levels (BSL) are a series of protections relegated to the activities that take place in particular biological labs. The following quick reference guide is filled with safety tips for laboratory personnel working in BSL Labs 1-4, as well as examples of microrganisms commonly found within each laboratory designation.

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eBook | A Comprehensive Guide to BSL-3 Biocontainment Lab Autoclaves

Learn everything there is to know about purchasing a BSL-3 autoclave – the bio-seal, autoclave door safety and effluent decontamination systems.

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eBook | The Definitive Guide to Steam Sterilization Cycles

Read this comprehensive 31-page guide about when and how to use the top 12 steam sterilization cycles. This guide outlines how today’s steam autoclaves can be configured with specific parameters suitable for nearly any load and application type.

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Whitepaper | The Real Reasons for Labs to Invest in Water Conservation Technologies

With the demand for water increasing, supply diminishing, and issues with the support infrastructure, water costs will continue to increase for the foreseeable future. As a rule of thumb, labs consume 5–10 times more energy per square foot than an average office building. For today’s laboratories at global, national, and local levels alike, it’s time to start thinking about water conservation. Learn why your lab needs to take a hard look at water conversation and what you can to improve it.

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What Does The Autoclave of The Future Look Like?
Webinar | Future Trends in Steam Autoclave Design

This joint webinar features Arthur Trapotsis, CEO of Consolidated Sterilizer Systems, and Alok Tayi, PhD, CEO of TetraScience, discussing cloud-connected autoclave technology — a cutting edge capability that allows scientists, lab managers and facilities personnel the ability to monitor and manage their autoclave from any internet-ready device.

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Log Book Image
Template | Autoclave Log Spreadsheet

Maintaining a detailed record of sterilization cycles enables you to optimize for future cycles and create a paper trail for maintenance and repair purposes — and in order to maintain a detailed record, you need a comprehensive log sheet for each sterilizer.

We’ve put together this free log sheet template to take the guess work out of documenting sterilization cycles.

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Guide | Laboratory Safety & Standard Autoclave Procedure

Autoclaves are extremely powerful and can therefore pose a hazard to individuals who are inexperienced with operating them. In an effort to mitigate potential risk, we’ve put together this helpful guide on laboratory safety and standard autoclave working procedure.

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CSS Preventative Maintenance Log Sheet Cover
Log Sheet | Autoclave Maintenance Log Sheet

Here at Consolidated Sterilizer Systems, we’re of the mind that the importance of routine preventative autoclave maintenance really can’t be understated. Bearing that in mind, we’ve put together this free sterilizer maintenance log sheet to help you reduce system downtime, improve processing performance, eliminate the need for costly repairs, ensure workplace safety, and more.

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17 questions medical autoclave ebook
eBook | 17 Questions to Ask Before Buying a Medical Autoclave

Start Your Search for a Medical-Grade Autoclave with Our Free eBook, “17 Questions to Ask Before Buying a Medical Autoclave”!

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Quiz | Is Your Current ASC Sterilization Area set up Properly?

Even the most advanced ambulatory surgical center sterilization setups require updates over time to ensure that they continue to adhere to best practices and support patients’ needs. Put your existing setup to the test with our free self-assessment.

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Quiz | Are You Ready to Build an ASC Sterilization Setup?

From spatial constraints to ventilation challenges, ambulatory surgical centers face unique challenges that make it more difficult to create a proper sterilization setup than in other medical facilities. Take our free readiness self-assessment to see whether your ASC is properly set up for sterilization — or whether you’d benefit from some expert assistance.

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Ensure Autoclave Safety in Your Lab With Standard Operating Procedures
Template | Ensure Autoclave Safety in Your Lab With Standard Operating Procedures

Autoclaves play an important role in keeping your laboratory running smoothly. But did you know that these machines can present an occupational hazard without proper training, a thorough understanding of operational best practices, or the knowledge of what to do when incidents occur? That’s why we’ve put together this template of autoclave standard operating procedures (SOPs) that you can use in your lab.

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