Consolidated Sterilizer Systems Unveils New Autoclave Sustainability Features

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Written by: CSS Marketing Team

February 26, 2021, (BILLERICA, MASS.) – Consolidated Sterilizer Systems is proud to announce the addition of several new exciting features to our line of steam sterilizers. These enhancements present major benefits to both lab and medical facilities, promoting sustainability and reducing both the carbon footprint and operating costs of a steam sterilizer.

Between steam generation, effluent cooling, and vacuum operation, modern autoclaves consume an enormous amount of water and energy. Fortunately, each Consolidated sterilizer now includes a number of different features to help keep water and energy usage to a minimum:


Each Consolidated autoclave is equipped with a calendar-based automatic startup and shutdown features known as EcoCalendar™. EcoCalendar™ minimizes utility consumption and HVAC load using an automated, software-controlled steam shutoff program. Operators can program utilities for automatic startup and shutdown based on time of day and day of the week.

Auto Idle Shut-off

Much like the EcoCalendar™, Auto Idle Shut-off saves energy by automatically turning the autoclave off when not in use. In this respect, Auto Idle Shut-off is similar to a “sleep mode” for your home computer. Operators can set the desired idle time, and the autoclave will enter sleep mode once the set idle time has elapsed. To turn the autoclave back on, simply touch anywhere X1™ controller screen.

Hood Controls

This feature integrates the sterilizer with a local canopy hood to reduce unnecessary venting of conditioned air, thereby enabling operators to better control the heat load and environmental conditions within the lab.


Our popular EcoJacket feature is now included standard on all new sterilizers. EcoJacket automatically lowers the temperature of the sterilizer jacket in between cycles, thereby reducing steam and water usage, as well as heat load to the room.

WaterEco® System

Designed to reduce autoclave consumption by hundreds of gallons per day, our WaterEco® system offers up to 90% water savings without any additional investment.

In addition to all of the other features listed above, our autoclaves now monitor sterilizer water consumption throughout the day and night. Consolidated’s X1 control system calculates and displays real-time data for cooling water consumed per cycle, day, month, and year — all in an easy-to-understand format. (See sample screen below.)

“Sustainability is very important to many of our clients so I’m thrilled that we are able to raise the bar of sustainability on steam autoclaves,” said Arthur Trapotsis, CEO of Consolidated Sterilizer Systems. “Energy and water consumption account for a significant portion of sterilizer operating costs, so these built-in features are going to result in huge savings for our clients.   The ability to view water consumption on the sterilizer’s display screen is a nice touch.”

For more information about our sustainability features, please contact the sterilization specialists at Consolidated Sterilizers Systems.


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