Instructional Videos for Your Autoclave

Below are list of instructional videos for operating your Consolidated autoclave. Please reference our Service and Operator Manuals for further assistance.

Cloud Enabled Technology

  • Cloud Enabled Autoclave Demo

Autoclave Maintenance

  • How to Rebuild an Autoclave Steam Trap
  • How To Rebuild an Autoclave Solenoid Valve
  • Cleaning Your Autoclave's Drain Strainer
  • Changing The Paper Roll In The Advantage PB Impact Printer
  • Changing The Paper Roll On Your Advantage Pro Controller Thermal Printer
  • How to Change Your Autoclave's Door Gasket
  • How to Change Your Autoclave's Printer Ribbon

Control System Tutorials

  • How to Start Autoclave Cycles: Gravity, Liquids, Vacuum, Bowie Dick
  • How To Change Autoclave Cycle Parameters
  • How To Change Your Autoclave's Cycle Names
  • How To Set Up Liquid Exhaust Rate on Your Autoclave
  • How To Set Up The EcoCalendar on Your Autoclave
  • How To Setup and Change Your Autoclave's Passwords

Operation Recommendations

  • Tightening The Door On Your SSR Series Sterilizer
  • Properly Tightening the door on your SR Series Sterilizer