CSS Steam Autoclave Order Process

The Steam Autoclave Procurement Process in 6 Steps

Jason Thompson
Written by: Jason Thompson

When you’re in the market for a steam autoclave, it’s useful to know the steps involved in the acquisition process. From the initial sales call through final installation, this article will outline the process so your facility can plan accordingly. At Consolidated Sterilizer Systems (CSS), our ordering process is designed to efficiently and accurately provide you with the autoclave you need.

Following are the 6 steps associated with a typical steam autoclave order at CSS:

STEP 1:  Contact Us

Initiating an autoclave order with CSS is simple. Just call, email, or fill out our online contact form to get in touch with our friendly staff.


STEP 2: Set Up a Customer Consultation

After you contact CSS, we will recommend an on-site consultation*. During this consultation, one of our sales representatives will visit your facility to evaluate and review the following items:

a)    Load requirements  and the appropriate sterilizer control system.

b)    Space availability. If possible, we will “walk the path” the autoclave will follow during transit from your loading dock to its final resting place. This will ensure that there is ample space and door-way clearance to maneuver the unit.  In addition, we will look at where the autoclave will sit in the lab to determine its optimal placement.

c)     Steam availability and water quality.

d)    Green features.  We will discuss water saving systems for facilities interested in going green,  achieving LEED certification, or adhering to ASHRAE compliancy.

At this point in the process, we will have a clearer picture of how to customize your order so your autoclave can optimally serve your facility.

Ordering Tip: CSS can also help you establish and optimize the sterilization cycles that will work with your load types, and have these cycles pre-programmed into the sterilizer controller prior to shipment. If this information is unavailable before shipment CSS will gladly support your facility and operation requirements by assisting with configuration post-shipment.

*If you have already determined the type and number of autoclaves you require, an on-site consultation is not always necessary.


STEP 3: Receive Your Quote

Quotes are normally generated within 24 hours of an inquiry/customer consultation.  If your order requires any custom engineering drawings, you will receive these within 48 hours of request.


STEP 4: Purchase Order Confirmation

After we receive your purchase order, you are assigned a dedicated project manager who will send you an order confirmation.  Before an autoclave order can go into production, it is critical that your facility verify all utility specifications necessary to support the size, model, and number of autoclaves you will be purchasing. At CSS, we provide a Utility Confirmation Form (a checklist) to ensure your facility meets all relevant autoclave installation criteria. This form confirms:

  • Order and configuration options
  • Facility doorway, elevator, and loading dock dimensions and capacities
  • Water quality and line sizes, locations, and pressurizations
  • Floor drain sizes and locations
  • Electrical voltage and outlet locations
  • Internet and phone accessibilities

By completing this form, CSS avoids any future complications and maximizes installation efficiencies (see 8 Questions to Ask Before a Steam Sterilizer Installation for more on this.)

Installation Tip: For projects larger in scope—typically those involving a construction component—the Utility Confirmation Form is part of the Submittal Phase, which incorporates comprehensive drawings. As with the utility qualifications, the Submittal Package must be completed and signed off on before any autoclaves enter fabrication.


STEP 5: Sterilizer Production  

When CSS receives your completed Utility Confirmation Form, your order is officially processed and moved into production at our Boston-based facility. Manufacture takes an average of 45 to 90 days but can be available sooner upon request. For expedited and express orders, CSS offers CSS Express™ Custom. This program leverages our Kanban system and supports our emphasis on lean manufacturing. This is designed for clients who are in need of emergency replacements, scale-ups, or unplanned omissions in project development for new or renovated installations.


STEP 6: Accept Delivery & Installation

After manufacture is finished, your assigned project manager coordinates the delivery to your facility and supplies you with an autoclave starter kit. Your sales representative will then arrange for installation and training. If you are unable to receive the unit, CSS will have a team on-site to accept, uncrate, and set the autoclave in place.

Installation typically takes a team of two technicians 1-2 days per autoclave, and 2-4 days if a biocontainment unit (with bioseal) is needed, as these have to be integrated with the wall sealing flange.

Installation Tip: If you are replacing an existing autoclave, CSS can remove your older unit for an additional cost, or in some cases, a trade-in option can be extended.


Working with Consolidated Sterilizer Systems

At Consolidated Sterilizer Systems, we have been manufacturing, delivering, installing, and supporting steam autoclaves since 1946. Today our product line includes more than 30 steam autoclave models and our units are found in over 70 countries, from leading universities to hospitals to biotechnology facilities.  We handle order sizes anywhere from single autoclaves to multi-million dollar purchases.

Learn more about Consolidated and our manufacturing, or contact us for a free quote—we’re always here to answer your questions!

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