New Water-Saving Systems Dramatically Reduce Water Consumption and Costs of Operation

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Written by: Scott Mechler

BS Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineer

9337_CMC_WaterEco_Broch_10_Water Usage Falls to Less than One Gallon per Day for Selected Models/Applications

Consolidated Sterilizer Systems, Inc. (Consolidated) today announced a series of new water and energy-savings systems for the company’s line of Small and Medium Series laboratory steam sterilizers.

Marketed as the WaterEco® Series, the new water mitigation systems are designed for use on new or previously installed Consolidated sterilizers which range in internal volume from 3.9 to 36 cu.ft. (109 to 1019 liters).

The WaterEco® Series is available for both gravity and pre-vacuum autoclaves and can reduce daily water consumption from 150-75 to 15-25 gallons per day.

Where facility chilled water sources are available, consumption can be reduced to less than 1 gallon per day.

The WaterEco® Series is part of a worldwide Consolidated product optimization program to assist architects, facility planners and building owners in achieving LEED credits by lowering aggregate environmental impact. For a downloadable product literature file on the WaterEco® Series contact Consolidated at 617-782-6072.

Consolidated Sterilizer Systems is an industry leader in development of gravity and pre-vacuum steam sterilizers with advanced, programmable logic controllers configured for clinical, academic, biotech, pharma and industrial applications. Consolidated products are sold and serviced by a network of factory authorized and trained sales and technical personnel around the world. Consolidated products are 100% Made in the USA and are built with non-proprietary parts for local access to parts and maximum uptime.

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