New Programmable Controller

1061_VMV_Control_Broch_vf.inddConsolidated Sterilizer Systems has introduced the new ADV-PRO Programmable Logic Controller designed to provide fully flexible cycle operation of its line of steam sterilizers.

Developed by the Allen-Bradley company and configured specifically for Consolidated sterilizers, the new ADV-PRO controller offers touch-screen programming and securely documented operation of the steam sterilizer through a wide range of applications.

The controller is UL/CSA listed and built from commonly available, open-source, industry standard components.

Features include:

  • Commonly used pre-programmed sterilizer cycle routines such as gravity, fluid, vacuum, low temperature, air-over-pressure, and more
  • Custom cycle capability and up to 20 cycle memory
  • Intuitive operator interface and monitor
  • Available in color ADV-PRO or monochrome ADV-PLUS configurations
  • Dual control display available for pass-thru models

Download a detailed brochure or contact Consolidated Sterilizer Systems,, telephone 617-782-6072.

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