Upgrade Your Existing Consolidated Autoclave with Cloud Connectivity

Consolidated Sterilizer Systems’ Cloud Upgrade Kits allow you to upgrade your existing sterilizer for cloud connectivity. This revolutionary capability not only boosts productivity in your laboratory, it also improves access to your sterilizer data. Upgrade kits are available to retrofit your older-model steam sterilizers. If your autoclave is not currently configured with the Advantage-Series control systems, then you may purchase a Controller Upgrade Kit from Consolidated with a built-in cloud option.

Features and Advantages

The Cloud Upgrade Kit enables a Consolidated sterilizer with an existing Advantage-Series (ADV-PB, ADV-PLUS or ADV-PRO) controller to be upgraded with the same cloud capabilities as newer-model sterilizers.

Cloud Upgrade Kits give you the ability to monitor your autoclave, store all cycle data and electronically receive cycle alerts, cycle reports and preventative maintenance reminders.

Features & Advantages
Cycle Alerts & Reminders
Cycle Alerts & Reminders
An email with sterilizer cycle data – in a convenient PDF format – is sent after each cycle has been completed. Notifications for alerts such as “cycle over” and reminders such as “check gasket” can be sent via email or text message.
Data Storage
Data Storage
All sterilizer cycle data and reports are automatically transmitted and stored to a secure cloud platform. Data can be accessed, downloaded, and shared in PDF or CSV format from any device by logging into a secure website.
Real Time Monitoring
Real Time Monitoring
Sterilizer status can be viewed in real-time from anywhere via phone, tablet, or desktop computer.

Kit Contents & Installation

The Cloud Upgrade Kit includes hardware, software, activation code, and 1-yr subscription to the TetraScience cloud service. Installation of the kit is simple and will be completed by the authorized service group located in your service area.

Utility Requirements:

  • 120V Power Source
  • Internet enabled Cat5 or better Ethernet cable with male RJ45 connection, brought to the sterilizer.

Please note: The required software upgrade will result in overwriting of any custom cycle parameters and user ID’s. Be sure to document anything you want to reprogram post-installation. Upgrading the software may affect validation or calibration of the sterilizer, please consult your facility’s process SOPs.