Consolidated Launches Line of Water Purification Systems

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Written by: Scott Mechler

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BOSTON, MA, FEBRUARY 25, 2013 – Consolidated Sterilizer Systems today announced the launch of their new line of water purification systems, spearheaded by the WPS-1200-RO and WPS-1200-DI.

Consolidated’s Water Purification Systems help remove contaminants such as salts and minerals from inlet water, ensuring maximum uptime and low maintenance costs for sterilizers. The WPS-1200-RO reverse osmosis water purification system is ideal for Type III laboratory-grade water for steam sterilizers and glassware washers. The WPS-1200-DI deionized system, incorporates extra filtration to produce Type II deionized water ( >1 megohm•cm resistivity) for clean steam or other high purity applications.

The WPS-1200 line is specifically designed for autoclaves and glassware washers, improving equipment life and performance by removing 90% of all dissolved solids that cause scale build-up. It mounts in line with existing autoclaves, requiring minimal retrofitting and increasing uptime, while requiring little maintenance for a low cost of ownership. All WPS-1200 systems are also equipped with a filter quick change feature, providing simple filter replacement without the use of tools or need for a service technician.

“We are pleased to add the WPS-series of water purification systems to our product line,” says Arthur Trapotsis, Consolidated’s CEO. “We recognized a growing problem for many of our customers around the world – hard water. High water hardness can be detrimental to the operation of any autoclave. Our customers demand maximum uptime from their steam sterilizers. The WPS system reduces the hardness of the water feeding the steam generator, creating “cleaner” steam, and reducing maintenance costs and total cost of ownership on the sterilizer.”

Free literature on this product line can be downloaded from the Consolidated website (click here).

Consolidated Sterilizer Systems is an industry leader in development and manufacturing of gravity and pre-vacuum steam sterilizers with advanced programmable logic controllers configured for academic, life science, pharmaceutical and industrial applications.

Consolidated products are 100% made in the U.S.A. and built with non-proprietary parts to assure maximum uptime. For information visit

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