Consolidated Joins Haiti Relief Effort with Equipment Dontations

Arthur Trapotsis
Written by: Arthur Trapotsis

MS Biochemical Engineering, MBA, Consultant

Consolidated Joins Haiti Relief Effort with Equipment Dontations

Boston, MA, April 5, 2010 – Consolidated Sterilizer Systems has announced delivery of the first of three steam sterilizers the company is supplying to the Crudem Foundation in support of the non-profit group’s efforts in Haiti following that country’s devastating earthquake in January, 2010.

Consolidated’s steam sterilizers are essential to infection control in hospitals and clinics worldwide and especially critical to medical missions in Haiti as aid workers expand available resources for a population in desperate need of basic healthcare services.

Consolidated’s sterilizers are being sent to the northern town of Milot for installation in the Hospital Cacre Coeur, operated for more than 20 years, by the non-profit Crudem Foundation – the country’s largest private hospital .

According to Consolidated president Arthur Trapotsis, the Crudem Foundation request provided Consolidated employees with a chance to make a substantive contribution to the people of Haiti when the Hospital Cacre Coeur grew from a 65-bed facility to a 500-bed facility within days of the disaster.

Consolidated Joins Haiti Relief Effort with Equipment DontationsHospital Cacre Coeur was established not just to treat patients but to train new doctors and medical staff”, said Trapotsis. “Our sterilizers are designed with simple controls and open source parts that permit the hospital staff to establish and maintain infection control protocols throughout the hospital. We know from our previous work with the Hospital Cacre Coeur that the highest standards for clinical safety must be protected despite these tragic circumstances.”

Although Consolidated manufactures a complete line of steam sterilizers with highly sophisticated microprocessor-based controls, the needs in Haiti remain more basic. Consolidated maintains production of its most conventional sterilizer product line to meet demand throughout emerging and third-world countries where need for clinical services extends to underdeveloped outlying and rural areas where technical support is not readily available.

According to Dale Peterson, MD and board member of the Crudem Foundation, the Consolidated product line is ideal for the Haitian disaster emergency. “Consolidated is helping us solve that problem with additional sterilizers, and we are extremely grateful for their support. While developed nations rely on disposable products, in Haiti we have to sterilize and re-use all of our gowns, surgical drapes and instruments. Consolidated already makes the sterilizers we need and they have been extremely supportive of our efforts.” Dr. Peterson underscored the need: “When we expanded from five or six surgeries a day to more than 40, the demand on our single sterilizer was overwhelming, and Consolidated came through for us quickly.”

Consolidated rushed a 12 cu.ft. (340 liter) Model SR-24A sterilizer to Hospital Cacre Coeur to assist in initial efforts. Two Consolidated Model 24D-36 sterilizers will soon add more than 48 cu.ft. (1,360 liters) of sterilizer capacity to the hospital’s infection control program.

For more information on The Crudem Foundation and Hospital Cacre Coeur visit For information on products used in the Consolidated Haiti Relief Program contact Arthur Trapotsis, President, Consolidated Sterilizer Systems, 3 Enterprise Road, Suite C
Billerica, Massachusetts 01821, Phone: 617-782-6072

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