CSS Unveils Autoclave of the Future at AALAS conference

Jason Thompson
Written by: Jason Thompson

The “Autoclave of the Future” received a warm reception from friends, colleagues and future clients during the annual American Association for Laboratory Animal Science (AALAS) conference held this year in Charlotte, N.C.

Arthur Trapotsis, President and CEO of Consolidated Sterilizer Systems, said he was pleased with the reaction industry professionals had of the new cloud-enabled autoclave technology. Not only does the unique sterilizer feature allow scientists, lab managers and facilities personnel to monitor their autoclaves in a more efficient manner, but it also allows them to download their sterilization data from any internet-ready device. These cutting-edge capabilities were on full display for the numerous visitors to CSS’ booth at this year’s conference.

“Our cloud-connected autoclaves are now in the field at universities and biotech facilities around the country and we were excited to exhibit this technology at AALAS this year,” said Trapotsis. “I was pleased to see the tremendous response by clients and colleagues who visited our booth.”

Cloud-connected autoclaves allow for real-time monitoring, cycle alerts and reminders, not to mention on-demand cycle reports and secure storage capabilities. Trapotsis said all of these features are capable of helping increase productivity and efficiency within the lab environment.

“The cloud feature is a key component of our “Autoclave of the Future” and will, no doubt, find its way into all pieces of laboratory equipment in the near future,” Trapotsis said.

CSS is dedicated to developing autoclave technology that greatly benefits members of the life science community. Our cloud enabled autoclaves are revolutionizing the industry. Feel free to contact us with any questions regarding this innovative new technology.


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