WaterJet Metal, Shop Foreman & Expert Fabricator

43 Years of Service: CSS Announces Retirement of Shop Foreman & Expert Fabricator

Arthur Trapotsis
Written by: Arthur Trapotsis

MS Biochemical Engineering, MBA, Consultant

It is a bittersweet moment at Consolidated Sterilizer Systems as we announce the retirement of Donny Skoog, CSS shop foreman and expert fabricator. After 43 years on the job, Donny has been more than a tremendous employee and we truly cannot say enough about his invaluable impact on the CSS family.

As a driven individual with a keen eye for facility best practices, Donny got his start in 1970 as a “shop helper.” At that time, CSS primarily focused on the production of water stills.  The entire business was based in a small wooden barn with 12 employees and the most basic fabrication tools.  This modest shop served as the perfect environment for Donny and CSS to grow together as leaders and innovators in the steam sterilizer industry.

“In so many ways, Donny’s hard work has helped build the backbone of CSS’ world-class manufacturing capacities to date.” – President & CEO Arthur Trapotsis

Donny quickly took a liking to the press brake and entered a 3-year internship to refine and perfect his skills on the machine.  As the years passed, Donny’s production expertise and sharp leadership skills allowed him to naturally transition into CSS’s facility foreman and expert fabricator.  In this role, Donny oversaw all metal fabrication, including vessel chamber construction and ensured that all inventory flowed through production efficiently.  Most importantly, Donny shared his wisdom and experience with many of our younger shop workers, creating a collaborative work environment that fosters growth.

Donny Skoog, CSS Shop Foreman & Expert Fabricator
Donny Skoog, CSS Shop Foreman & Expert Fabricator

Today, we salute Donny for his dedication to CSS and we thank him for everything he has given to our company, his peers, and the countless laboratory facilities that now benefit from his expertly crafted steam sterilizers.

Donny will miss his co-workers and working together to solve challenging customer projects—and we will miss him just the same. After helping to grow CSS from the small wooden barn to today’s modern production shop, Donny’s wisdom and knowledge will surely be missed.  At the same time, we know his retirement is well-deserved.  We know Donny is looking forward to relaxing and traveling.

From the CSS family, we all wish Donny the very best. Thank you!

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