Autoclave 101 Course

Welcome to our Autoclave 101 training course! This video-based course will provide you with all of the information you need to operate your autoclave with confidence and keep it in good working order. In addition to watching these videos, you’ll also put your newfound knowledge to the test with a multiple-choice quiz.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why steam sterilization is the preferred method of laboratory sterilization
  • How to safely operate an autoclave
  • How to administer preventative maintenance and troubleshoot minor issues
  • And more
Section 1
Steam Sterilization Background and Theory

Before you can begin to use your autoclave, it’s important to understand the mechanics behind how steam sterilization works. Find out why steam sterilization is the most effective method of sterilization, how to choose the appropriate steam source for your autoclave, what the different cycles types mean, and more in this video series.

Understanding Steam Sterilization and How It Works
Materials of Construction for Autoclaves
Autoclave Steam Sources
Autoclave Air Removal: Gravity vs. Vacuum
Section 2
Maintenance and Troubleshooting

Although regular maintenance from a trained professional is the best way to ensure your autoclave remains in peak condition for years to come, there are some simple, daily preventative maintenance measures you can take to support operational efficiency. Check out this series of videos for tips on how to care for your autoclave and troubleshoot minor issues.

How to Clean a Chamber Drain Strainer
How to Clean Your Autoclave Chamber
How to Change Your Autoclave's Door Gasket - Advantage Series
7 Common Autoclave Problems You Should be Aware of
How to Rebuild an Autoclave Steam Trap - Advantage Series
Autoclave Steam Sterilization Cycles: Bowie-Dick and Vacuum Leak Test Cycle
Section 3
Autoclave Usage and Safety Considerations

Before operating an autoclave, it’s important to understand safety standards, how to choose the appropriate cycle type for your intended application, how to make sure your autoclave is working properly, and so on. This series of videos is intended to help you better understand how to effectively use an autoclave and ensure best results.

How To Use An Autoclave
Autoclave Steam Sterilization Cycles: Liquids Cycle
How to Validate an Autoclave: The Important of Autoclave Steam Quality Testing
Steam Sterilizer Solutions: ‪How to properly tighten the door on your SR Series Sterilizer‬‬
Steam Sterilizer Solutions: How to tighten the door on your SSR Series Sterilization Systems‬
Section 4
Autoclave Set Up

Now that you’ve mastered the basics, it’s time to learn how to program and use the X1 control system on your new Consolidated sterilizer. This series of how-to tutorials should teach you everything you need to start setting up your autoclave.

How To Set The Auto-Idle Shutoff - X1 Controller
How To Lock A Cycle's Parameters - X1 Controller
How To Log In With A Username (No Password) - X1 Controller
How To Log In With A Username And Password - X1 Controller
How To Create, Edit, or Delete A Cycle - X1 Controller
How To Run A Cycle From The Tabbed Menu - X1 Controller
How To Select A Cycle In The Two Cycle Menu - X1 Controller
How To Select A Cycle From The Favorites Menu - X1 Controller
How To Set Up The Ecocalendar - X1 Controller
How To Add or Delete Usernames and Passwords - X1 Controller
Section 5
Bonus Videos

Looking for more Consolidated content, or even considering your next autoclave purchase? Take a look at some of our bonus videos to see what sterilizer models we offer, to learn about our company’s history, or to hear a customer success story.


CSS Vertical Sliding Door Autoclave - Product Video
CSS Pass-Thru Autoclave - Product Video
CSS Laboratory Tower Autoclave - Product Video
CSS Single Door Hinged Autoclave - Product Video
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CSS Case Study: Bioverativ, A Biopharmaceutical Company in Waltham, MA
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