Control Systems

Consolidated’s Advantage Series™ Programmable Logic Controllers are built using proven industry-standard components that provide dependable performance, solid reliability and international parts availability.  These controllers are now able to connect to the internet—allowing scientists, lab managers, and facilities personnel to monitor their autoclaves and download their sterilization data from any internet-ready device. This feature is now included on all Consolidated models — simply connect the autoclave via Ethernet or Wi-Fi to enjoy the benefits (cloud-based data storage, real time monitoring, and cycle alerts & reminders).

  • Choose from ADV-PRO™ , ADV-PLUS™ or ADV-PB™ controllers.
  • All Advantage Series™ controllers are based on the proven Allen-Bradley® PLC platform configured specifically for Consolidated Sterilizer Systems.
  • Intuitive Rockwell touchscreens and real-time operating system
  • Cloud ready
  • UL/CSA listed

Advantage Series Controller Brochure

Advantage-Series PLC Control System


  • 6” or 10” Color Touchscreen
  • Sophisticated and extremely customizable
  • Pre/Post Vac available
  • Full paper print-out for record keeping
  • Data downloading option
  • 110 Volts needed for controls
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Same as ADV-PRO, except:


  • The ADV-PB™ features the proven Allen-Bradley® MicroLogix™ PLC with push-button controls and a 3″ monochrome touchscreen that allows users to easily view cycle status, time remaining and chamber temperature.
  • Although cycle parameters can be easily changed through touchscreen data entry, the controller automatically stores the last gravity and liquid cycles, making it easy to run repeat cycles without re-entering parameters.
  • The ADV-PB™ allows hands-off operation.
  • An alphanumeric impact printer is available as an option for cycle documentation.
  • A post-vacuum option is available for enhanced drying.
  • All control components are contained within the hinged control column for easy servicing using open-source parts available locally.
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ADV-PB-ControllerNew Consolidated Advantage Series™ Controller Conversion and Upgrade Kits

  • Optional WaterEco® system (available upon request)
  • Allen-Bradley® touchscreen controller
  • Manual power ON/OFF switch
  • Manual abort cycle button
  • Manual start button
  • Impact printer
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