Designed With Lab Managers in Mind

Keep your lab running smoothly with the most reliable and easy-to-use sterilizer on the market.  

Consolidated’s steam sterilizers are designed with the Lab Manager in mind.  Our Allen Bradley Micrologix PLC controls allow Lab Managers to easily oversee usage through password-protected cycles, user traceability, and downloadable cycle data.  Furthermore, we provide Lab Managers with numerous additional resources to educate researchers about best practices for autoclave use, maintenance, and the latest industry trends.  See below for resources that help keep your laboratory running smoothly.

Training Materials and User Guides

The Chamber Blog

CSS employees write and share blog posts about steam sterilization best practices.  Topics covered include sterilization cycles and tips, service and maintenance, upgrades, and water and energy savings.  See our Steam Sterilization Cycles Series for helpful tips on how to reduce cycle times or autoclave sensitive materials with advanced cycles.

Online Manuals: To request an online manual for any Consolidated sterilizer, contact us.

Service and Maintenance Guides

Service Videos:  Visit CSS’ YouTube Channel for videos demonstrating basic maintenance procedures like changing your printer paper or cleaning the chamber drain strainer.

Steril-Q™ Validation Services:  CSS will qualify and validate a new or existing sterilizer according to accepted IQ/OQ/PQ protocols.

SterilCARE™ PartsPAX™ Kit: reduce costs and have on hand some of the most commonly needed items to keep your autoclave running smoothly and reliably. Consolidated offers three different levels to fit your needs, Safety PAX, Performance PAX and Complete PAX.  To order parts or for any other service requests, contact us here.

Our eBook, How to Properly Maintain Your Autoclave, will help you develop both short-term and long-term maintenance plans to ensure that your steam autoclave continues to function properly for years to come.

Monitoring and Control Features

All CSS autoclaves can be equipped or retrofitted with our cloud-based monitoring, alerting, and data collection system. This integrated feature allows scientists and lab managers to monitor their autoclaves and download their sterilization data from any internet-ready device. Simply connect the autoclave via Ethernet or Wi-Fi to enjoy the benefits.

Click here to download the full Cloud brochure.

Looking to start the procurement process?  Please consult our Ebook, 17 Questions to Ask Before Buying Your Next Autoclave, to get the most out of your investment.