AALAS National Meeting Conference

CSS to Explore Future of the Autoclave at 66th Annual AALAS Conference

Jason Thompson
Written by: Jason Thompson

The future of the autoclave is coming to the 66th annual American Association for Laboratory Animal Science (AALAS) meeting. Are you prepared?

This year’s AALAS conference to be held in Phoenix, AZ marks the ninth consecutive year Consolidated Sterilizer Systems has participated in the industry-wide event. The meeting is held over five days (Nov. 1-5) and includes workshops, lectures, poster sessions, exhibits, and an awards presentation for professional and technical excellence in laboratory animal science.

At this year’s event CSS plans on stepping things up a notch by asking attendees to vote on the best new autoclave features of the future. In return for their feedback, visitors to CSS’ booth (#1324) will be given a chance to enter into a raffle to win a special prize.

Arthur Trapotsis, president and CEO of Consolidated Sterilizer Systems, said CSS is hoping to spark conversation on what the future of the autoclave will hold—everything from basic components to never seen before features. Trapotsis said the AALAS conference is the perfect place for this discussion because it’s filled with industry insiders, such as lab planners, architects and facilities managers, who specify or use equipment like steam sterilizers on a daily basis.

“We want to talk about what the future of the autoclave will look like,” said Trapotsis.

In addition to asking for feedback from attendees, Trapotsis said CSS will also showcase some of its innovative new wireless recordkeeping features included as part of its fleet of sterilizer products.

“We’re looking to move the needle by making the autoclave a product that people can truly customize for their own specific needs,” said Trapotsis.

Having frequented the annual AALAS conference over the years, Trapotsis said there are also a few things a first time attendee should know before walking into the conference center.

Top 7 Tips for AALAS Conference Attendees

1. Be ready to network

As the largest gathering in the world of professionals concerned with the production, care and use of laboratory animals, the AALAS conference offers an opportunity to interact with thousands of like-minded professionals. Come prepared to network with some industry insiders, and make sure you have enough business cards to last throughout the conference.

2. Bring a bag for swag

Hundreds of exhibitors will pack the Phoenix Convention Center for the multi-day event, and chances are a large portion of those in attendance will have takeaway pamphlets, as well as free giveaways for attendees. Be sure to bring a bag for all the information and swag you end up gathering throughout the conference.

3. Be a winner

A lot of companies, similar to CSS, will have booths offering fun and interactive opportunities to win prizes. Take advantage of these raffles and giveaways and you could walk away with any one of an incredible amount of prizes.

4. Have fun at the Fun Fair

The AALAS conference also features a Technician’s Fun Fair that invites all exhibiting companies to showcase new products and services, as well as meet with other industry leaders. The Fun Fair comes in the form of a scavenger hunt, so be ready to visit some exhibitors.

5. Get ready to learn

Networking with industry professionals isn’t the only thing that happens at the AALAS conference. Be sure to check out the various meetings, lectures and educational forums happening throughout the multi-day event.

6. Download Mobile App

Because you’ll likely be mobile throughout the duration of the AALAS conference, be sure to download the dedicated mobile app for all information related to events and locations. The app can be downloaded here.

7. Best Time to Visit

The best times to walk the exhibit hall and receive uninterrupted time with your favorite vendors are Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning.

Enjoy the show! If you plan on attending this year’s AALAS conference be sure to stop by CSS’ booth during the event. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have before, during, or after the meeting.

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