CSS CEO Contributes to New ABSA Book on Sustainability

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Written by: Scott Mechler

BS Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineer

Our customers have come to know and trust CSS products as the most reliable, affordable and customizable autoclaves for laboratory and medical research facilities across the globe. This reputation recently led to Consolidated lending a helping hand to The American Biological Safety Association (ABSA).

Arthur Trapotsis, President and CEO of Consolidated Sterilizer Systems, helped co-author Chapter 12 of The ABSA’s latest book, Anthology XIV: Sustainability. The chapter, “Green Autoclaves (Steam Sterilizers)” discusses the water and energy consumption of laboratory, hospital, and vivarium steam sterilizers as well as designs being implemented to reduce their environmental footprint. It focuses on how ecofriendly features are often simple to implement and realize great cost savings for laboratories.

About the Book

ABSA’s latest book, Anthology XIV: Sustainability helps us to better understand how we can create facilities that are more efficient with strategies such as reducing the energy requirements for effective autoclaves, biological safety cabinets, and animal facilities. With sustainability comes commitment for investing in the future, and this Anthology XIV will continue to provide current and forward-thinking information to aid the biosafety community achieve its goals. If we rethink why we have built the “bigger and supposedly better” laboratories to meet these biosafety needs, perhaps we can find ways to simplify, to achieve the same end result without extreme reliance on energy consumption.

For more information on the ASBA Anthology of Biosafety Series, see here.

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