Put Your Ambulatory Surgical Center Sterilization Setup to the Test

Take our free self-assessment to see whether your current setup sufficiently meets your needs.

As the saying goes, there’s always room for improvement — even when it comes to your ambulatory surgical center’s (ASC) sterilization setup.

Even the most advanced setups require reevaluation and updates over time to ensure that they continue to adhere to sterilization best practices and support the needs of patients. We encourage you to put your sterilization setup to the test and uncover opportunities for improvement with our free self-assessment, which covers:

The difference between upfront costs and operating costs
Sterile processing personnel training
Biological indicator testing
Preventative maintenance programs
Sterilized load tracing
And more

Quiz: Evaluating Your ASC’s Sterilization Setup

Answer the questions below to assess your current healthcare sterilization setup.